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Your Interview Alongside President Obama

If y'all could hang out amongst President Obama, what would y'all enquire him? Would your enquiry hold upwards close jobs or unemployment? The threat of nuclear weapons? Immigration reform? Whatever your enquiry is, submit it on YouTube for the chance to enquire the President lead inwards a especial interview over a Google+ Hangout from the White House.

On Monday, Jan 30, a few days later delivering his State of the Union address to the nation, President Obama volition response a alternative of top-voted questions you’ve submitted inwards a live-streamed interview. Starting today through Jan 28, y'all tin ship away see the White House YouTube channel to submit your video in addition to text questions in addition to vote on your favorites. Your YouTube questions volition movement the interview, in addition to several participants amongst top-voted questions volition hold upwards selected to bring together the President inwards the Google+ Hangout to bring move inwards the conversation live.

So seat out your camera, depository fiscal establishment friction match your pilus in addition to larn to to submit your enquiry now. Need ideas? Visit on Tuesday black at 9:00pm ET to scout the President’s State of the Union address live. The address volition hold upwards followed past times the Republican response on Speaker Boehner’s YouTube channel.

Video questions are preferred (though nosotros likewise induce got text) in addition to should hold upwards close xx seconds long. In the video description, hold upwards certain to say us a footling flake close yourself, similar where you’re from.

Your Interview amongst President Obama volition hold upwards streamed alive at 5:30pm ET on on Jan thirty on You induce got until midnight ET on Jan 28 to submit your enquiry in addition to brand your phonation heard on the issues that thing to you.

(Cross-posted from the YouTube blog)

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