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Which Came First, The Turkey Or The Hand?

Creating hand turkeys remains 1 of my favorite uncomplicated schoolhouse memories—glue on the table, colorful feathers stuck to your sleeve together with glitter everywhere. This year, yous accept the pick to skip the actual mess involved alongside making these classic Thanksgiving decorations together with arts and crafts a unique turkey from the comfort of the Google homepage.

Whether yous desire to customize the headpiece, feet or private feathers—or but prefer a random surprise past times pulling on the turkey's wing—there are many ways to demo off your creativity. We can’t stick your creations on our fridge, but cheers to a collaborative endeavour betwixt our engineers together with artists, you’ll travel able to part your turkeys via Google+ or a shortened URL. This trend all your friends together with family, wherever they may be, tin encounter your festive creation.

The doodle volition travel upwardly from at 1 time until Thanksgiving inwards the United States, together with yous tin brand every bit many dissimilar turkeys every bit yous like. With close 3 days to limited your inner shaver or artiste together with millions of possible combinations, yous may discovery yous unlock a surprise or two... or three... or 12!


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