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What Girls Are Expert For: Happy Birthday Nellie Bly!

In 1880, the Pittsburgh Dispatch published an article titled "What Girls Are Good For.” In dismissive terms, the column’s writer wrote that women shouldn't hold upwards allowed to run because their identify was at home.

Days later, a pseudonymous rebuttal appeared inwards the paper. The response, yesteryear a 16-year-old daughter whose existent cry was Elizabeth Jane Cochran, argued how of import it was for women to hold upwards independent as well as self-reliant. Within a decade, the writer of that reply would go yesteryear known worldwide equally Nellie Bly: a hard-hitting immature journalist who went hush-hush at a lunatic asylum as well as traveled to a greater extent than or less the the world inwards a record-breaking 72 days.

Throughout her life as well as career, Nellie Bly spoke upwards for the underprivileged, the helpless as well as minorities, as well as defied society’s expectations for women. We honey her adventurous spirit, as well as nosotros percentage her belief that women tin produce anything as well as hold upwards anything they desire (we similar to mean value if she were to a greater extent than or less today she’d hold upwards a immature homo fan of trailblazing women similar Ada, Anita as well as Ann). So when it came fourth dimension to accolade Nellie alongside a Doodle, nosotros wanted to go yesteryear far special. Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs wrote, composed as well as recorded an master copy vocal close Nellie, as well as Katy Wu, the creative someone who created this doodle, created an animation ready to Karen O’s music celebrating this intrepid investigative reporter.

Nellie was born on May 5, 1864 inwards a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pa. After her reply was published inwards the Dispatch inwards 1880, the editor, George Madden, tracked her downwardly as well as hired her equally a reporter. At the time, women reporters unremarkably used pen names; hers came from a vocal yesteryear immature homo Pittsburgher Stephen Foster. She spent several years at the paper earlier moving to New York for a chore at New York World, which was owned yesteryear Joseph Pulitzer. In 1887, she went hush-hush at the Women's Lunatic Asylum on Blackwell's Island to write an exposé close the weather condition there. Her resulting book, “Ten Days inwards a Mad-House,” made her famous.

But Nellie is best known for her trip to a greater extent than or less the world. Inspired yesteryear Phileas Fogg, the hero of Jules Verne’s novel, “Around the World inwards lxxx Days,” Nellie ready canvas from New York inwards Nov 1889 determined to trounce Fogg’s time. Traveling yesteryear steamships as well as sailboats, she sent dispatches dorsum to her paper equally she circled the globe. Instead of sitting idly as well as but observing, she was ever a business office of the activity as well as conversation, despite the fact that world spaces were typically reserved for men at the time.
Storyboard for today's Nellie Bly video doodle, yesteryear Katy Wu

When creating the Doodle, nosotros took inspiration from Karen O’s lyrics as well as Nellie’s journeying to a greater extent than or less the globe. Throughout the video, Katy used paper equally a unifying theme—with paper tearing, folding as well as crumpling equally the storey goes along. And though the video is by as well as large dark as well as white, she added some coloring to correspond Nellie's release energy as well as vibrancy.

Back inwards the 19th century, Nellie fearlessly showed a generation of people “what girls are practiced for.” We’re excited to say her storey inwards today’s Doodle—and nosotros promise Nellie inspires women as well as girls everywhere to follow inwards her footsteps as well as demonstrate the the world what they tin do.


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