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Watch The Hajj Inward Saudi Arabia—The World’S Largest Pilgrimage—Live On Youtube

Nearly 2.5 meg Muslims volition officially laid out the annual Islamic ritual of the Hajj on Nov 5, inwards Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The Hajj represents i of the 5 pillars of Islam; it requires all Muslims simply about the Blue Planet who are able-bodied too tin afford it to perform the pilgrimage in i lawsuit inwards their lifetime.

The Hajj is an ancient ritual, but now, through the Saudi Ministry of Culture too Information's YouTube channel, millions of people from simply about the Blue Planet volition travel able to sense too comment on the number past times tuning inwards via video.

Earlier this year, nosotros worked amongst the Saudi Ministry of Culture too Information to broadcast Islamic prayers alive during Ramadan from the Holy Mosque inwards Mecca for the commencement time. In continued cooperation amongst the Ministry, we’re similar a shot able to alive flow the Hajj on YouTube for the commencement time.

The flow volition travel alive on Saturday, Nov 5 at

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