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Versus: Liberating Sentiment Amongst Google+ Hangouts

Whether enabling voters to interview their President, or connect underwater inward a projection to photograph the body of body of water floor, Google+ Hangouts are existence used inward amazing ways. Not entirely create Hangouts accept the mightiness to connect people on contrary sides of the planet, they tin likewise connect people on opposing sides of the social together with political spectrum. We’re delighted to denote that a novel serial of global debates, that volition hold out alive streamed on YouTube, volition create precisely that.

Versus, from Intelligence2—an arrangement committed to revitalizing the fine art of alive debate—will plough over yous the peril to enquiry people who are to a greater extent than or less the decisions existence made on topical issues, on both sides of the debate. Real-time voting on the channel volition likewise allow the speakers know how their arguments are resonating alongside viewers.

The outset displace to hold out debated is “It’s fourth dimension to halt the War on Drugs.” The fence volition air various opinions from the likes of +Richard Branson, +Russell Brand, +Julian Assange, together with experts such equally the erstwhile Presidents from United Mexican U.S.A. together with Brazil, amidst others. BBC newsreader together with presenter +Emily Maitlis volition chair the debate.

The fence volition hold out streamed alive on the Versus YouTube channel on March xiii at 7pm GMT. From directly until then, nosotros invite yous to beak over the issues together with join the fence on the Versus page, where you’ll likewise uncovering out how yous could accept the peril to secure a house inward the alive fence hangout.


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