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Understanding Accessibility At Csun 2012

This calendar week we’re manage the 27th annual CSUN International Technology as well as Persons amongst Disabilities Conference. As the Internet evolves, covert readers, browsers as well as other tools for accessibility necessitate to grow to encounter the complexity of the modern web. Conferences similar CSUN are an chance to banking concern tally inward amongst spider web users amongst disabilities: non only to part our progress inward making online technologies accessible, but to also hash out improvements for the future.

Who are these users? In August, nosotros conducted a survey amongst the American Council of the Blind, to discovery out to a greater extent than nigh how people amongst sight harm purpose the web. We received nearly 1,000 responses from people who are blind or visually impaired, from a broad hit of professions inward 57 countries: teachers, software developers, social workers, writers, psychologists, musicians as well as students. The results pigment a movie of why it is critical to improve the accessibility of spider web applications. Of the respondents:
  • Almost ninety per centum reported regularly using the spider web to hap inward behavior upon amongst friends as well as family
  • Over one-half purpose a smartphone, as well as over one-half ain to a greater extent than than 1 computer
  • Over two-thirds of respondents said they purpose social media
  • Over l per centum convey completed a baccalaureate degree, as well as of those, xxx per centum convey gone on to to postgraduate studies at the masters' or Ph.D. level
  • Of those who are currently students, over lxx per centum convey their assistive technology provided for past times their school
  • However, for those who convey left schoolhouse as well as are of working age, 46 per centum are unemployed
Better spider web accessibility has the potential to growth educational as well as occupation opportunities, supply social cohesion as well as enable independence for the people amongst disabilities. We imagine a time to come for the spider web where the most visually complex applications tin endure rendered flawlessly to covert readers as well as other assistive devices that don't rely on sight, using technologies that operate seamlessly on browsers as well as smartphones.

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Since nosotros final attended CSUN, we’ve made several improvements to the accessibility of our products:
If you're manage CSUN 2012, nosotros promise you'll come upwardly up as well as tell hullo at 1 of our talks on the accessibility of our products, including the purpose of video inward Google+ as well as Docs as well as accessibility on Android devices. And Fri we’ll host a Q&A Fireside chat amongst Google production teams. You tin also campaign approximately of these improvements out at our 2 hands-on present sessions on Thursday, inward the Connaught breakout room:
  • 10am to 12pm—Chromebooks as well as novel features inward Google Apps
  • 1pm to 3pm—Android 4.0 Milky Way Nexus phones
If you're non manage CSUN 2012, we'd honey to listen your thoughts on accessibility inward our web forum.


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