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Twenty Laurels Winners Blaze Their Trend Into Our Zurich Office

Last calendar week inwards our Zurich office, nosotros held a celebratory number for the twenty winners of the 2nd annual European Google Trailblazer Awards, intended to recognize students that exhibit keen potential inwards scientific discipline as well as engineering. The viii girls as well as 12 boys aged 16-19 were selected for their piece of occupation inwards national science, computer science as well as engineering scientific discipline competitions that took house inwards Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Romania, Switzerland as well as the United Kingdom over the past times year. Partnering amongst each of these competitions, Google engineers awarded “Trailblazer” condition to the participants who demonstrated an outstanding operate of computing engineering inwards their projects. The aim of the distinction is to vantage as well as encourage these students’ achievements, convey talented students to sense life at Google as well as present them what a career inwards estimator scientific discipline tin expect like, amongst a exceptional emphasis on how estimator scientific discipline touches every discipline.

Every Trailblazer winner this twelvemonth was genuinely worthy of the title. Ciara, Ruth as well as Kate, 3 of the winners of the the BT Young Scientist competition inwards Ireland, taught themselves to code inwards social club to railroad train a mobile app for teens to stair out their carbon footprints, looking at their operate of typical teenage appliances similar MP3 players, pilus straighteners as well as estimator games. Joszef, i of the winners of the Scientific as well as Innovation Contest for Youth inwards Hungary, developed a portable take in monitor combined amongst GPS that would alarm medical services straightaway if y'all were having a take in attack, as well as include your place hence they could reply quickly. Tom as well as Yannick, winners of the Junior Web Awards inwards Switzerland, learned HTML as well as CSS inwards social club to construct an interactive wellness website—and made it available inwards French, High German as well as English. These are merely a few examples.

While at Google Zurich, the Trailblazers covered a broad swath of material, learning almost information centers, safety as well as testing, hearing from the Street View squad on managing operations inwards multiple countries as well as from recruiters on how to write a strong resume. Google engineers chatted almost careers inwards estimator scientific discipline as well as and then tasked the grouping to solve problems similar a software engineer: imitating how a software plan mightiness work, the participants lined upwardly inwards groups of half dozen as well as had to exercise an algorithm to reorder themselves without speaking to each other during the re-arranging. For their most in-depth challenge, the students developed as well as pitched their ain award-winning production amongst guidance from production managers. In merely twenty minutes, each pupil had to come upwardly up amongst production ideas as well as a pitch—delivered to the production managers—that would convince fifty-fifty Larry Page that their tech production would endure the adjacent large thing.

The students left Zurich buzzing almost the pathways a career inwards tech tin Pb them down, as well as nosotros can’t hold off to come across how these immature entrepreneurs railroad train over the adjacent few years.

If you’d similar a shot at becoming a Google Trailblazer inwards 2012, movement into i of our partner competitions inwards Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Romania, Switzerland or the U.K. (you demand to endure at high schoolhouse inwards i of these countries to endure eligible for entry). More countries as well as partner competitions volition endure added each year, hence choke on an oculus on for farther details.

If you’re the organizer of an pre-existing national scientific discipline as well as engineering scientific discipline contest inwards Europe, the Middle East or Africa (EMEA) as well as would similar your contest to endure considered for a Trailblazer prize from Google, delight consummate this form.


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