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Tweets Accept Flying Inward The Google App

Update, 8/21/2015: We’ve extended this to desktop instantly too, together with inwards English linguistic communication everywhere.

Starting today, we’re bringing Tweets to Google Search on mobile devices. So instantly when you’re searching on the Google app or whatsoever browser on your squall upward or tablet, y'all tin notice real-time content from Twitter correct inwards the search results.

Whether you’re interested inwards the latest from Taylor Swift, tidings virtually the #MadMenFinale, or updates on the NBA playoffs, you’ll select access to it lead from Google. Let’s role NASA every bit an example—just inquire the Google app virtually “NASA Twitter,” together with inwards the search results, you’ll encounter Tweets from @NASA:

Or if y'all heard today was Malcolm X’s birthday, y'all tin inquire the Google app together with encounter what diverse people together with organizations inwards the Twitter community are proverb virtually it.

It’s a cracking means to instruct real-time information when something is happening. And it’s unopen to other means for organizations together with people on Twitter to accomplish a global audience at the most relevant moments.

To start, we’re launching this on inwards English linguistic communication inwards the Google app (on Android together with iOS) together with on mobile browsers, rolling out gradually. We’re working on bringing it to to a greater extent than languages together with to desktop, together with therefore rest tuned.


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