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Tunisia Talks On Youtube

The Arab Spring started inwards Tunisia, in addition to it’s appropriate that Tunisia is instantly leading the mode to a amount commonwealth amongst their landmark gratis elections scheduled to accept house on Oct 23. To assistance inwards this process, nosotros late partnered amongst startup intelligence portal Tunisia Live to offering a preparation workshop inwards Tunis on Google tools in addition to social media for politicians.

The turnout was fantastic; members from to a greater extent than than xl parties in addition to independent coalitions attended. The same day, Tunisia Live launched the Tunisia Talks channel on YouTube, channeling the enthusiasm of politicians to leverage social media in addition to engage amongst voters. In this project, Tunisians are encouraged to submit in addition to vote for top questions to the candidates, in addition to many did so—for a flavor, encounter this example or this one. So far, to a greater extent than than 400 questions involve keep been submitted.

This outreach is all the to a greater extent than exciting because YouTube was blocked for in addition to then many years inwards Tunisia. But when the regime collapsed in conclusion January, the site was unbanned in addition to chop-chop became popular. Many Tunisian media outlets involve keep gear upward channels to organize their video libraries on YouTube.

In this weekend’s elections, Tunisians volition pick out a constitutional council to write a novel constitution for the country. Voters volition select from lists of political party members in addition to independents. The Tunisian electoral commission has gear upward an official site in addition to is actively using social media to encourage voter registration—check their channel

This is an exciting fourth dimension inwards Tunisia. The media landscape—once limited in addition to government-controlled—is instantly opening upward to online platforms. Tunisians finally involve keep access to a gratis Internet—and it’s playing a substitution run inwards edifice an encompassing political environment.

(Cross-posted on the European Public Policy Blog)

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