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Transparency Report: Requests For User Data Upward 120 Per Centum Over 4 Years

While we’ve e'er known how of import transparency is when it comes to authorities requests, the events of the past times twelvemonth convey underscored simply how urgent the number is. From beingness the commencement fellowship to disclose information most National Security Letters to fighting for the mightiness to publish to a greater extent than most FISA requests, we’ve continually advocated for your correct to know.

Today, we’re updating our Transparency Report for the 9th time. This updated Report details the number of authorities requests nosotros received for user information inwards criminal investigations during the mo one-half of 2013. Government requests for user information inwards criminal cases convey increased past times most 120 per centum since nosotros commencement began publishing these numbers inwards 2009. Though our number of users has grown throughout the fourth dimension period, we’re likewise seeing to a greater extent than in addition to to a greater extent than governments induce to exercise their potency to brand requests.

We consistently force dorsum against overly wide requests for your personal information, but it’s likewise of import for laws to explicitly protect you lot from authorities overreach. That’s why we’re working with 8 other companies to force for surveillance reform, including to a greater extent than transparency. We’ve all been sharing best practices most how to written report the requests nosotros receive, in addition to every bit a lawsuit our Transparency Report instantly includes governments that made less than xxx requests during a six-month reporting period, inwards improver to those that made 30+ requests.

Also, people convey been asking most how nosotros response to search warrants inwards the U.S., in addition to thus we’ve created an entertaining video to explicate inwards obviously linguistic communication how this procedure works. We apply the same rigorous standards presented inwards this video to every asking nosotros receive, regardless of type.

You deserve to know when in addition to how governments asking user information online, in addition to we’ll boot the bucket on fighting to brand certain that’s the case.


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