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Toward A Simpler, To A Greater Extent Than Beautiful Google

Update 5:49pm: for our international readers, this post is too available inward French, German, Italian, Japanese and Castilian (Latin America, Spain). - Ed.

More than 170 1 thou m people guide keep upgraded to Google+, enjoying novel ways to part inward Search, Gmail, YouTube in addition to lots of other places. It's nevertheless early on days, in addition to there’s enough left to do, but we're to a greater extent than excited than ever to produce a seamless social experience, all across Google.

H5N1 critical slice of this social layer is a blueprint that grows with our aspirations. So today we’re introducing a to a greater extent than functional in addition to flexible version of Google+. We recollect you’ll discovery it easier to utilisation in addition to nicer to facial expression at, but most importantly, it accelerates our efforts to produce a simpler, to a greater extent than beautiful Google.

Navigation you lot tin hand the axe brand your own
One of the get-go things you’ll notice is a novel style to acquire around the stream. Instead of static icons at the top, there’s a dynamic ribbon of applications on the left. This approach comes with lots of perks, but some of our favorites include:
  • You tin hand the axe drag apps upward or downward to produce the guild you lot want
  • You tin hand the axe hover over for sure apps to bring out a laid of quick actions
  • You tin hand the axe present or shroud apps yesteryear moving them inward in addition to out of “More”

Taken together, these powers acquire inward easier to access your favorites, in addition to to adapt your preferences over time. We've too built the ribbon with the time to come inward mind, giving us an obvious (and clutter-free) infinite for The Next Big Feature, in addition to The Feature After That. So remain tuned.

Conversations you’ll actually help about
Once you’ve upgraded to Google+, it’s slow to part with your circles from simply almost anywhere. We’re dreaming bigger, though. We're aiming for an experience that fuses utility with beauty—one that inspires you lot to connect with others, in addition to cherish the conversations that unfold. Today’s update is an of import measurement inward this direction, including:
  • Full bleed photos in addition to videos that'll brand you lot actually proud to post
  • A current of conversation "cards" that acquire inward easier to scan in addition to bring together discussions
  • An activity drawer that highlights the community around your content

Simply put, we're hoping to brand sharing to a greater extent than awesome yesteryear making it to a greater extent than evocative. You know that feeling you lot acquire when a slice of fine art takes your breath away, or when a friend stops yesteryear with unexpected gifts? We desire sharing to experience similar that, every unmarried time.

A novel abode for hanging out
Google+ Hangouts uses alive video to convey people together, in addition to the results hit from music-making. Today we're adding a dedicated Hangouts page that creates fifty-fifty to a greater extent than opportunities to connect inward person, including:
  • An always-updated listing of invitations from the people inward your circles
  • Quick access to every world in addition to On Air hangout, for those times when you lot desire to encounter someone new, or spotter a alive broadcast
  • A rotating billboard of pop hangouts, pro tips in addition to other items you lot don’t desire to miss

By highlighting all the hangouts you lot tin hand the axe join, all over the world, it’s right away easier to pass fourth dimension together—even hold upward at that spot for each other. And with efforts similar hangout apps already underway, you lot tin hand the axe await to a greater extent than hangouts inward to a greater extent than places inward the future.

Getting at that spot from here
Today's Google+ update extends beyond navigation, the current in addition to hangouts. For instance: there's a novel Explore page that shows what's interesting in addition to trending across the network. And a novel profile with much bigger photos. And a novel chat listing that puts your friends front end in addition to center. And a whole lot more.

We're rolling out all of these improvements over the adjacent few days, in addition to hence delight banking concern tally dorsum if you lot don't see them yet. In the meantime, you lot tin hand the axe see this overview to acquire more.

By focusing on you, the people you lot help about, in addition to the materials you’re into, we’re going to perish on upgrading all the features you lot already know in addition to love—from Search in addition to Maps to Gmail in addition to YouTube. With today’s foundational changes nosotros tin hand the axe motion fifty-fifty faster—toward a simpler, to a greater extent than beautiful Google.


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