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‘Tis The Flavor To Plough Over Back

The holidays are here, as well as that agency eggnog lattes, festive lights as well as spending fourth dimension amongst the people y'all love. It’s too the flavour to hand dorsum as well as aid brand the globe brighter for those inward need. Today we’re unveiling 6 novel Global Impact Awards—totaling $11.5 1000000 inward grants—to innovators using technology scientific discipline to tackle the world’s toughest challenges.

This year, we’re inviting y'all to brand it the giving groove amongst 12 Days of Giving—an interactive vacation calendar where y'all tin explore a Google-backed cause, donate to what inspires y'all as well as bring out a surprise each day—such every bit coming together Pamela the polar acquit or experiencing how far people walk to accomplish build clean water. To spread cheer throughout the year, download OneToday for a daily reminder to hand back.
The 12 Days of Giving include our 6 newest Global Impact Awardees. Join me inward celebrating these tech-fueled initiatives:
  • Zooniverse: Advanced crowdsourced query hub that allows anyone, anywhere to aid practise scientific breakthroughs every bit a citizen scientist.
  • Kiva: Finance lab that enables anyone to render affordable loans to entrepreneurs, students as well as farmers inward pitiful countries, to back upwards people left out of traditional finance.
  • Landesa as well as FrontlineSMS: Mobile organisation that transforms the inefficient as well as confusing procedure to constitute nation rights into an accessible, efficient way for pitiful farmers to larn championship to their land.
  • Get Schooled: Online platform that provides complimentary college prep for underserved students yesteryear aggregating resources on scholarships, tests as well as applications, as well as setting personal reminders for staying on track.
  • Samasource: Platform to educate information workers inward developing countries as well as render jobs.
  • Comprehensive information first to empower to a greater extent than immature people to Pb as well as part powerful as well as effective social acquit on campaigns.

In 2013, nosotros donated to a greater extent than than $100 1000000 inward grants, $1 billion inward complimentary ads as well as apps as well as 60,000 volunteer hours to nonprofits unopen to the globe.


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