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Through The Google Lens: Search Trends October 31 - November 6

“Who won Pennsylvania?” “Who’s that guy?” “He’s getting married?” These are simply a few of the questions that wracked people’s brains on search this week. Read on to detect out what everybody wanted to know.

The telephone phone of duty
As Americans went to the polls this yesteryear Tuesday, the Internet was abuzz amongst politics—left in addition to right. Searchers turned to the spider web for the election night play-by-play, trying to instruct the latest figures on who won hotly contested states similar Florida in addition to Colorado. The results? H5N1 nearly sum sweep yesteryear Republicans every bit they won command of the Senate in addition to expanded their bulk inward the House.

Even though Americans stay politically divided, they tin privy all the same rally together to back upward our troops. As Veteran’s Day approaches, peopled searched for ways they could celebrate the vacation in addition to exhibit back upward for those who served inward the armed forces. (Hint: our homepage loves soldiers too!)

I'm a trivial chip country
The Country Music Awards had everyone talking this week. Nashville ability duad Blake Shelton in addition to Miranda Lambert took domicile five awards betwixt them, in addition to Lambert scored her outset trophy for “Single of the Year” for her vocal "Automatic." And first-time winner Luke Bryan landed the night’s overstep respect for “Entertainer of the Year”—not a bad agency to start.
One night, a man child named Alex went to sleep. The adjacent forenoon he woke upward famous...and we’re talking screaming-tween-girls, One Direction-famous. Was this a dream come upward truthful or a scene from a bizarre Kafka novel? Well, amongst to a greater extent than than a 1000000 tweets, spread similar a wildfire in addition to adjacent matter y'all know our red- in addition to khaki-clad Alex is trading jokes amongst Ellen Degeneres on her show. We’re eagerly awaiting Alex’s entrance to the teeny bopper hall of fame.

And the fangirl tidings simply keeps coming. People this calendar week went bananas every bit histrion in addition to heartthrob Benedict Cumberbatch announced his twenty-four hours of the month to little-known house managing director Sophie Hunter. Searchers were shout out for questions similar “Who is this girl?” in addition to “Why non me?” Sorry, friends, but this mystery has been solved.

This one’s for the bold
It was a calendar week for the bold in addition to the brave every bit the Internet reacted to inspiring tidings stories. Brittany Maynard, a immature adult woman diagnosed amongst concluding encephalon cancer, ended her life on Nov 1. After doctors told her she exclusively had half dozen months to live, Maynard in addition to her identify unit of measurement moved to Oregon inward lodge to convey access to the state’s Death amongst Dignity Act. Her decision garnered national media attending in addition to stirred the ground over the “right to die.”

And American acrobat in addition to tight-rope specialist Nik Wallenda made headlines every bit he performed a high-wire walk across the Chicago skyline. Wallenda walked betwixt iii skyscrapers without a harness or security network in addition to conducted i of the walks blindfolded—and it was all broadcast live. His stunt left viewers inward stupor in addition to minted Wallenda 2 novel world records.

Tip of the week
Feeling a chip homesick? Whenever you’re inward demand for a trivial motherly love, simply tell the Google app to “Call Mom” (you ready who that is). Except for mom’s domicile cooking, it’s some similar you’re there.


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