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Through The Google Lens: Search Trends January 23-29

Between a spookily resilient cat, too a novel bunch of ghostbusters, at that topographic point was a lot of (paranormal) activity inwards search this week:

“It’s a dandy hateful solar daytime for a ball game…”
People across the reason are gearing upwards for this weekend’s Super Bowl, starting amongst the basics: “When is the Super Bowl?” They’re also researching around of the major characters of Sunday’s face-off—namely Seahawks running dorsum Marshawn Lynch too Patriots coach Bill Belichick—and getting the outflow on the ads on YouTube (you’ve already watched to a greater extent than than 100 1 chiliad m minutes’ worth!), including a controversial GoDaddy ad. Plus, no game hateful solar daytime is consummate without the food: altitude recipes searched this calendar week include [easy chili], [fajitas], [baked chicken wings] too [barbacoa]. Don’t forget to melody inwards to @Google over the weekend for to a greater extent than trends!

With all the football game hubbub, people however institute fourth dimension to search for other sports happenings. Last Friday, baseball game fans mourned the expiry of Ernie Banks, a.k.a. Mr. Cub, a dearest shortstop too Hall of Famer. And that same night, Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors scored a record-breaking 37 points inwards 1 quarter.

Who you lot gonna call?
An all-female Ghostbusters, that’s who. Rumors nigh side past times side year’s reboot of the 80’s classic convey been looming over us similar the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man for a spell now, exactly similar a shot it’s all exactly confirmed that the 2016 cinema volition characteristic Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones too Kate McKinnon. Searches for each of the actresses spiked faster than you lot could say “proton pack,” too Kate McKinnon was the #2 search overall on Tuesday. In other leading-lady casting news, Harry Potter alum Emma Watson announced that she’ll play Belle inwards Disney’s forthcoming live-action Beauty too the Beast.
Tempest inwards a teacup
Headed into this week, the weather condition was on everyone’s mind, at to the lowest degree on the East Coast. Searches for damage similar [weather], [blizzard 2015], [juno], [National Weather Service] too [weather NYC] were all hot—or, cold, equally the illustration may be. People were also looking for information on the [mta], [nj transit] too [school closings]. Though the tempest inwards New York amounted to piffling to a greater extent than than an excuse for a snowfall day, it dumped upwards to 3 feet of snowfall inwards parts of New England. Definitely plenty to merit all those pre-storm searches!

And moving from the blizzard to the desert, Michelle Obama made headlines when she appeared inwards Riyadh to grade the expiry of King Abdullah—without a veil or headscarf. Searches spiked equally people tried to honour out if the First Lady intended her attire equally a political statement. Others noted that she’s for certain non the start to instruct bareheaded: Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Laura Bush too Condoleezza Rice have, too.

One down, 8 to go
File nether “stranger than fiction”: [zombie cat] was trending inwards search this calendar week after a 23-month one-time kitten inwards Florida seemingly came dorsum from the dead. After beingness hitting past times a auto too buried, Bart proved the one-time “nine lives” adage truthful when he reappeared inwards a neighbor’s yard v days later. We’d say that after his trials, Bart deserves a cozy novel bed at home, similar a Serenity Cat Pod from Skymall, but, well…

Tip of the week
Don’t demonstrate upwards empty-handed on Sunday: say “Ok Google, remind me to selection upwards guacamole when I’m at Safeway” too the Google app volition attention you lot hold upwards a expert guest.


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