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Through The Google Lens: Search Trends February 6-12

Happy Valentine’s Day (and long weekend!) to all y'all searchers out there. Here’s a hold off at the yesteryear calendar week inwards Google Search:

Artists inwards the spotlight
Around The Grammy’s lastly week, ii artists were at the front end of the search pack: Beck, who took habitation the Album of the Year award, together with Kanye West. Kanye most pulled a Kanye (of 2009 VMA’s fame) when he appeared on the verge of interrupting Beck’s credence speech; West was upset that Beck won the abide by over Beyonce, who (according to West) had the best album of all time.

Other run yesteryear artists inwards search include Sia—along amongst Kristen Wiig, who appeared inwards Sia’s Grammy performance, although Sia’s facial expression upward did not—and Annie Lennox, who’s nevertheless got it. Finally, searchers were struck yesteryear a sober 2d during the ceremony: later domestic abuse survivor Brooke Axtell shared her personal flush on stage, search involvement inwards [domestic violence] spiked 93x.
News inwards the news
Shock followed stupor for tidings hounds this week. First, a calendar week later Brian Williams admitted that he had wrongly claimed to get got been on a helicopter that was shot downward inwards Republic of Iraq inwards 2003, he was suspended for half-dozen months yesteryear NBC’s Nightly News. Now he’s at an all-time high inwards search. Meanwhile, Jon Stewart announced he volition run out The Daily Show later xvi years, devastating loyal fans everywhere together with inspiring speculation over who volition supplant him. And finally, nosotros said goodbye to ii legends of journalism: Bob Simon, CBS News reporter together with 60 Minutes correspondent for decades, together with The New York Times’ media columnist David Carr are beingness mourned yesteryear colleagues together with readers.
Some lucky viewers got a sneak peek at the 3rd flavour of Netflix drama House of Cards when novel episodes were accidentally posted online. More than 50,000 searches followed every bit people tried to larn a glimpse earlier they were taken down. And speaking of lucky, this week’s $500+ meg Powerball jackpot had people searching similar crazy inwards hopes of winning the big bucks. There were 2 meg searches for [Powerball] on Wednesday, together with to a greater extent than for [mega millions] together with [lottery numbers]. So far, i soul has come upward frontward to claim i of the iii winning tickets, together with then peradventure y'all should cheque your pockets...

Searching for love
Valentine’s Day has people scrambling together with searching for flowers together with gift ideas. Interestingly, in that place are iii times every bit many searches for [gifts for a boyfriend], than [gifts for a girlfriend], but when it comes to married couples things are reversed: in that place are to a greater extent than searches for [gifts for wife] than for [gifts for husband]. (We’ll merely run out that there.) People plow to search for planning all kinds of Valentine’s Day activities, from “What should I article of apparel on a commencement date?” to choosing a romantic movie.
Tip of the week
Go on, tell that especial someone how y'all experience this weekend. The Google app tin help—when your ain words merely aren’t proficient enough, nation “Ok Google, exhibit me a honey quote.” Pro tip: order credit where credit is due. No i likes a plagiarist.


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