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Through The Google Lens: Search Trends December 6-11

From The Colbert Report to astronomer Annie Jump Cannon, here's a await at this week's search stars.

The presidency is simply my solar daytime job
Being the President of the United State is no slowly task, but Barack Obama may direct maintain simply faced his toughest examination yet...a spot on The Colbert Report. This is the Commander-in-Chief’s 3rd fourth dimension on the show, but it’s yet no cakewalk alongside every theme upwardly for grabs—including Obama’s less than ideal approving ratings as well as his graying hair. Obama proved himself upwardly for the challenge, though, kicking Colbert off his segment as well as making it his own.

Not exclusively does Obama moonlight equally a comedian—it turns out he tin dismiss too code. At a White House trial alongside xxx middle schoolhouse students, the President kicked off commencement USA president to write a figurer program.
Winners as well as losers
Competition on The Voice is heating up; the 3 finalists were revealed this week. But there’s a twist inward the show’s 7th season: to spice things up, its creators introduced a novel wildcard spot, bringing the full expose of potential finalists to four. Now the ix remaining contestants who didn’t larn inward to the hold upwardly on 3 volition duke it out for that quaternary spot as well as a shot at singing glory.

While The Voice contestants yet direct maintain a direct chances to accept dwelling the grand prize, other stars were left out inward the mutual frigidity this calendar week when the Golden Globe nominations included several snubs. Names left off the alternative sail were Angelina Jolie as well as her upcoming cinema Unbroken, Christopher Nolan as well as his much-hyped Interstellar, as well as Bradley Cooper, who gained xl pounds to portray Chris Kyle inward the biopic cinema American Sniper. Oh well—there's yet the Oscars. Meanwhile, movies Birdman and Boyhood snapped upwardly vii as well as 5 nominations, respectively—and the TV category is staying interesting alongside nods for several Netflix master copy series, Amazon’s commencement appearance alongside Transparent, as well as 2 surprise nominations for the CW’s quirky Jane the Virgin.

The heaven above
This week, searchers spent a skillful chunk of their fourth dimension looking up. The weather was hold upwardly on of heed equally the Pineapple Express—no, non the film—hit the San Francisco Bay Area, causing flooding as well as ability outages. The phenomenon gets its rear from its origins inward the waters nigh Hawaii, a.k.a. the Pineapple State, where it develops earlier heading towards the U.S Pacific Coast.

Even for those of us trapped indoors, searchers got a direct chances to await at the stars...on our homepage at least. Searchers looked for to a greater extent than data nearly astronomer Annie Jump Cannon afterwards a Google doodle marked her 151st birthday. Cannon—who was deaf for most of her adult life, as well as frequently overshadowed yesteryear her colleague Edward C. Pickering—was instrumental inward the evolution of the Harvard Classification system, which categorizes stars yesteryear their temperature (whether or non they were nominated for a Golden Globe).

Tip of the week
Need to detect something inward the apps on your Android phone? Now yous tin dismiss enquire your Google app for help—even if it’s inward around other app. Just state “Ok Google” as well as thus “search YouTube for vacation decorating ideas” or “search Tumblr for Taylor Swift” as well as throttle at nowadays to those results inside the other app (if yous direct maintain it installed).

And come upwardly dorsum side yesteryear side calendar week for Google's Year inward Search—a review of the people, moments, as well as events that captured the world's attention.


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