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Through The Google Lens: Search Trends November 28-December 5

The terminate of the twelvemonth is almost upon us, but but similar the residue of your life, search isn’t slowing down. Here’s a await at what was trending this calendar week on Google:

Signs of the season
Now that the turkey’s been carved, as well as fifty-fifty the leftovers select been gobbled (pun intended) upward inward the shape of sandwiches as well as soup, the vacation flavor is officially underway. People shopped Cyber Monday sales, as well as others were excited to acquire that USPS would endure delivering packages vii days a calendar week inward closed to cities.

Plus, vacation movies as well as songs are trending every bit people acquire into the spirit. And fifty-fifty if you lot didn’t scout Love Actually (for the 14th time) this week, chances are you lot heard a peep of Mariah Carey’s now-classic “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” which the vocalist performed alive at Rockefeller Center’s tree lighting ceremony on Wednesday. Unfortunately, Mimi missed a few notes, leading searches for her to spike every bit a result.

Citizens talk out
On Wednesday, a Staten Island grand jury declined to indict the law officeholder involved inward the expiry of Eric Garner, who died inward July later beingness placed inward a choke hold. Across the country, people spoke out as well as demonstrated against the decision, which came but days later nationwide riots as well as protests nearly what happened inward Ferguson, Mo.
Digital dough
Good intelligence for Thin Mint fans: you lot no longer select to hold back amongst bated breath for the hateful solar daytime your co-worker shows upward amongst an lodge form, or for that bill of fare tabular array stacked amongst colorful boxes to demo upward exterior your grocery store. Girl Scout Cookies select gone digital. Scouts volition select personal cookie webpages where people tin identify orders online; the thought is that girls volition acquire to a greater extent than nearly online marketing as well as e-commerce piece satisfying the sugariness teeth of the residue of us. It brings a whole novel pregnant to the phrase “Internet cookies.”

Astronomical views
If you lot weren’t at the mall concluding weekend, as well as thus chances are you lot were on YouTube, watching the novel trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The offset teaser for the J.J. Abrams-helmed “Episode 7” has racked upward tens of millions of views since it came out a calendar week agone as well as people are proverb it could acquire the most viewed trailer ever. Fans select intensely scrutinized as well as discussed each i of the trailer’s 88 seconds inward detail; as well as in that location are already spoofs as well as recreations galore, including Wes Anderson as well as LEGO versions. The moving-picture demo won’t endure out until Dec 2015, thus you lot select enough of fourth dimension to produce your crossguard lightsaber for the premiere.

But fifty-fifty later 2 years, there’s no video inward the YouTube galaxy that’s quite similar “Gangnam Style.” It’s the offset video to e'er acquire to a greater extent than than 2 billion views, as well as this week, its sentiment count crossed 2,147,483,647. That happens to endure the highest release that tin endure represented past times a 32-bit integer, as well as also—until recently—the highest release that the YouTube sentiment counter could display. Luckily, our friends at YouTube saw this i coming: They upgraded the sentiment counter to role a 64-bit integer, capable of representing numbers upward to 9,223,372,036,854,775,808. Yup, that’s ix quintillion. Consider this gauntlet thrown.

Tip of the week
Between vacation parties, gift shopping as well as the end-of-year scramble at work, it’s no wonder closed to errands start to sideslip your mind. Let Google help proceed track—just state “Ok Google, remind me to selection upward ribbon when I’m at Target” or “Ok Google, remind me to chill the champagne when I acquire home” to acquire a reminder.


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