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Through The Google Lens: Search Trends January 9-15

This fourth dimension of twelvemonth may hold upwards mutual depression temperature together with dark, but in that place was enough to brighten our days—and continue us searching—this week.
Top of the pack
El Capitan is a stunning sight on a normal day—the sheer granite confront rising inwards a higher house the valley inwards Yosemite National Park is difficult to miss. But this week, people closed to the globe had an extra argue to continue their eyes on El Cap: 2 mount climbers, Tommy Caldwell together with Kevin Jorgeson, made history on Wed when they completed the outset always gratuitous climb of the 3,000-foot wall. Searches for [el capitan climb] went upwards more than 1,000% equally people looked to larn to a greater extent than most the feat.

Back on house ground, Ohio State crunch #2-ranked Oregon inwards an upset victory inwards the College Football Playoff championship. Though the Buckeyes may stimulate got won on the field, the Ducks all the same held the top of the search charts, amongst to a greater extent than than 2 ane M 1000 searches on Monday. People were also searching for the teams’ top players, peculiarly Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones, who announced this calendar week that he had decided to rest amongst the squad for some other year, passing on the NFL draft. (His Oregon counterpart inwards Monday’s game, Marcus Mariota, made the contrary call.)

Glitter together with glamour
We’re officially inwards peak amusement awards season. The “72nd together with finalGolden Globes took house on Dominicus amongst hosts Amy Poehler together with Tina Fey. Of item involvement on search were Jane the Virgin together with its star Gina Rodriguez, whose win was considered a surprise together with whose speech communication was considered a win, together with The Honourable Woman’s Maggie Gyllenhaal, who gave a quietly passionate speech communication most women inwards Hollywood. And Michael Keaton, who won best thespian inwards a drama for the cinema Birdman, brought some fellowship amongst him to search, equally good equally the ceremony: his boy together with “best friend,” Sean Douglas, who spiked inwards search after Keaton sang his praises inwards his credence speech.

Then simply when we’d finished analyzing the Globes’ winners together with losers, the Oscar nominations were announced, important nosotros officially stimulate got simply over a calendar month to select handgrip of upwards on all the films earlier the ceremony on Feb 22. Top nominees include Birdman, The Grand Budapest Hotel, together with Boyhood. (Someone acquire Sean Douglas a tux rental for February.) Want assistance amongst your Oscar pool? There’s no telling which cinema volition win, but over the past times year, the entitle of top cinema inwards Search is a closed race betwixt Boyhood together with The Grand Budapest Hotel.
Finally, inwards improver to all the glitz on the cherry-red carpet, in that place was a unlike sort of glitter inwards search this week. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 start-up draw of piece of occupation organisation that lets y'all “ship your enemies glitter” went viral, giving y'all a novel agency to present that special (un)loved ane how y'all feel. Millions of clicks together with a website crash later, the founder is straightaway maxim he wants to quit. All that glitters is, apparently, non gold.

Tip of the week
Time to select handgrip of upwards on all those movies y'all haven’t seen. Just state “Ok Google” thence “movie times” or “Selma movies times” together with you’ll acquire a listing of theaters together with films playing close you.


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