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Through The Google Lens: Search Trends February 20-26

If you’re the sort of somebody who loves the Internet when it’s at its most Internet-y, you lot had a proficient week. From llamas to retro cartoons to that darn dress, here’s a await at the past times calendar week inwards search:

Internet gilded
Is it white in addition to gold? Or bluish in addition to black? That’s the inquiry that had everyone searching, tweeting in addition to to a greater extent than oft than non freaking out Th later a Tumblr user posted a photograph of a clothes that seemed to seem dissimilar colors to dissimilar people. Debate over the truthful color of the clothes raged for hours, piece others tried to solve the mystery of its divisiveness. All nosotros know is, in that place were to a greater extent than than ii i thou one thousand searches for [white in addition to gilded dress] yesterday—more than for [blue in addition to dark dress]—proving i time in addition to for all that it’s white in addition to gold… right?
Before #thedress, though, in that place were the llamas. In Phoenix, Ariz., yesterday, ii llamas got unloose from their handlers in addition to took off on a trot through neighborhood streets, yards in addition to sidewalks. Searchers were captivated past times the “llama drama,” which ended when constabulary (l)lassoed the animals later a low-speed chase.
Obama says (K)nope
Armed amongst waffles, Lagavulin in addition to a lot of tissues, nosotros said good daytime to NBC’s Parks in addition to Recreation on Tuesday later a seven-year run. Searchers turned to the spider web to revisit favorite characters, quotes in addition to episodes from the exhibit that brought us “Treat Yo’ Self” in addition to the Cones of Dunshire, piece (wackily) celebrating the value of difficult work, friendship in addition to world service.
Moving from the small-town politics of Pawnee to the big-time inwards D.C., this calendar week President Obama issued his third-ever Presidential veto, rejecting a nib that would bring approved the Keystone XL Pipeline project. People turned to the spider web to acquire to a greater extent than virtually Presidential veto ability throughout history in addition to the pipeline itself. What would Leslie in addition to Ron brand of all this, nosotros wonder?

Heroic comebacks
Woo-oo! Nineties kids are rejoicing next tidings that the Disney cartoon DuckTales is getting a reboot. Searches for the exhibit spiked 8x the hateful solar daytime later the announcement. Sounds similar a lot of you lot are create for roughly tales of derring-do inwards 2017.
And Madonna had a flake of a shaky week, later she barbarous backwards downwards a flying of stairs during her commencement functioning at the Brit Awards inwards twenty years. But the Queen of Pop recovered chop-chop to complete her vocal “Living for Love.” She’s withal an icon for a reason.

Tip of the week
This volition move illuminating: if you lot bring an Android device running Lollipop, you lot tin flip the on/off switch on your phone’s flashlight simply past times maxim “Ok Google, plow on my flashlight.” You tin create the same fox to plow on or off WiFi or Bluetooth.


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