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Through The Google Lens: Search Trends May 22-28

Through The Google Lens: Search Trends May 22-28
Through The Google Lens: Search Trends May 22-28
From corruption charges rocking the football game basis to a 50-foot dinosaur, here’s a await at what everyone was searching this week:

Deadly storms inward Texas
Widespread flooding caused yesteryear heavy rains inward Texas as well as Oklahoma has left many dead, missing or unaccounted for, along alongside seriously damaged holding as well as abandoned vehicles. With to a greater extent than severe weather condition predicted this weekend, cities across Texas topped the places searching for “storms,” alongside “How long does it guide maintain for streets to clear a flood?” as well as “where is it flooded inward Houston” amid the operate yesteryear storm-related questions.
Soccer scandal
Football’s governing torso was inward the search spotlight this calendar week afterward the arrest of several FIFA officials inward a dawn raid at a hotel inward Zurich, Switzerland. There were to a greater extent than than one-half a meg “FIFA” searches on Tuesday alone, alongside a top related question beingness the basic “What is FIFA?” (perhaps for those that telephone phone it “soccer”). Just every bit fans of “The Beautiful Game” bridge the globe, then produce searches related to this week’s alleged ugliness. Republic of Costa Rica as well as Uruguay—home to 2 of the indicted officials—are amid the operate yesteryear 10 countries searching for #FIFAarrests.

Hold on to your butts ... again
It’s a Jurassic World. We simply alive inward it. Twenty-two years afterward the master copy “Jurassic Park” movie, the liberate of “Jurassic World” is ready to wow audiences worldwide, as well as ticket pre-sales as well as full general dino-excitement guide maintain caused a 100,000+ search spike, piece the trailer has topped 60 meg YouTube views. Search-wise, the U.S. as well as Australia are most excited close the blockbuster, which volition pit star Chris Pratt against a 50-foot-tall dinosaur named Indominus Rex. We’ll guide maintain to hold off until June for the showdown, but based on current search interest, our money's on Pratt.

Tip of the week
This weekend is Manhattanhenge, the instant when the setting Sun aligns just alongside Manhattan’s street grid. Whether you’re inward New York or not, you lot tin detect out when the Sun volition dip below the horizon alongside a uncomplicated “Ok Google, when does the Sun set?” You’ll teach an answer tailored for your location.