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Through The Google Lens: Search Trends May 1-7

From novel moms to dads inwards disguise, here’s a expect at the calendar week on Google Search:

The princess too the Parliament
The Duke too Duchess welcomed their instant child, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge, this week—setting off a moving ridge of royal baby fervor worldwide. Searchers were quick to plough to Google to acquire to a greater extent than close Princess Charlotte, who is 4th inwards draw of piece of job to the throne. Search involvement inwards the "meaning of Charlotte" spiked 15X worldwide inwards the 24 hours next the reveal. In the U.S., Dallas too New York were the places searching the most for the baby’s name.
While United Kingdom of Great Britain too Northern Ireland of Britain too Northern Republic of Ireland citizens celebrated their novel princess, they had something else on their minds: yesterday’s national election. Weeks of polling had predicted a closed necktie betwixt the Conservatives too the Labour Party, but inwards the terminate David Cameron’s Conservative political party walked away amongst the bulk inwards a victory that surprised many. The election dominated search inwards the U.K.—all but 1 of the superlative xx search damage Fri were election-related—and fifty-fifty inwards the U.S., it was the second-most trending term on Thursday.

From Jedi robes to couture gowns
Fans closed to the basis donned their best Princess Leia too Stormtrooper costumes for Star Wars Day on Monday. Celebrated on May 4 (May the Fourth Be amongst You, acquire it?) thank you lot inwards large role to the Internet, the vacation has been growing for the yesteryear few years inwards search, but nosotros saw the biggest spike yet inwards 2015. In improver to Leia too Stormtrooper, superlative costume searches on Mon include [yoda dog] too [female jedi costume]. Interest inwards the upcoming moving painting “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” doubled, too other pop questions include “Is Star Wars on Netflix?” too “What lodge should you lot picket Star Wars?”

That same night, the Met Gala brought people to Google to come across some of the daring fashion choices from the event. Searches for the red-carpet thing reached 500K. Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian too Jennifer Lopez dominated search equally people looked for photos of their sheer, jewel-encrusted gowns. Rihanna’s stunning xanthous dress, Anne Hathaway’s coppery hood too Sarah Jessica Parker’s headdress inspired memes likewise equally searches; too Jason Derulo stumbled into the trends charts later on rumors that he’d fallen on the Met’s stairs.

The mascot too margaritas
There were to a greater extent than than a 1 K k searches inwards the U.S. on Tuesday for Cinco de Mayo—in fact, for the yesteryear 2 years to a greater extent than searches for the vacation receive got taken house inwards the U.S. than inwards Mexico. As people looked into the history of the holiday, mutual questions include “Who won the Battle of Puebla?” too “What caused the conflict that led to the Battle of Puebla?” But for the most part, people seem to endure inwards it for the nutrient (and, nosotros assume, the margaritas).

If tacos aren’t your thing, mayhap hamburgers are? This calendar week McDonald’s unveiled its new, updated Hamburglar character—and he’s real dissimilar from the masked mascot you lot call upward from the 80’s too 90s. The novel Hamburglar is existence called the “creepy” or similar he’s inwards a “midlife crisis.” Whether you lot think the novel Hamburglar is good done or a niggling undercooked, he’s stolen our attending to the melody of 20,000 searches.

Celebrating moms
Finally, Mother’s Day is this Sunday, too search involvement closed to the vacation has been on the rising since April equally loved ones expect for recipes, DIY gift tips, Mother’s Day quotes too more.
Tip of the week
Sunday’s non the solar daytime to forget a telephone call. Set a reminder to telephone outcry upward your mom amongst the Google app now. Then give her a band merely yesteryear maxim “Ok Google, telephone outcry upward mom.” Find to a greater extent than Mother’s Day tips at


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