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Through The Google Lens: Search Trends March 20-26

Searches for March Madness are still surviving and advancing, but this calendar week brought amongst it a host of other stories to spur your search questions. Here’s a await at what people were searching for this week:

Germanwings Flight 9525
On Tuesday, Germanwings Flight 9525 crashed inward the French Alps, killing all 150 people who were onboard. In the wake of the tragedy, people around the basis accept turned to search to larn to a greater extent than close the crash in addition to subsequent investigation. Early searches included questions close Lufthansa, Germanwings’ raise company, in addition to close the type of airplane that had crashed; search involvement inward the Airbus A320 household unit of measurement spiked 100x inward the laid about iv hours. But later on investigations revealed that co-pilot Andreas Lubitz appears to accept deliberately locked himself inward the cockpit in addition to flown the airplane into a mountain, the questions got to a greater extent than specific. People asked questions similar “How create you lot access the plane’s cockpit?” in addition to worried: “Is it rubber to wing later on the Germanwings crash?” in addition to “Is flight becoming to a greater extent than dangerous?”

Presidential politics
Election Day 2016 is to a greater extent than than a year-and-a-half away, but the presidential race is already underway. On Monday, Senator Ted Cruz announced his candidacy. The Texas Republican is known for his fervent opposition to the Affordable Care Act, inward detail a 21-hour filibuster-style oral communication on the flooring of the Senate inward 2013 (at i point, he read aloud from MD Seuss’ Green Eggs in addition to Ham). Searchers turned to the spider web to respond all kinds of questions close Cruz in addition to his beliefs, sending searches for [cruz liberty], [cruz obamacare] in addition to [cruz wiki] to spike more than a G percent inward the final thirty days. The peak questions, though, were around whether Cruz is eligible to acquire President because he was born inward Canada. (The respond is yes, BTW.)
Pop civilisation mania
This calendar week Zayn Malik confirmed he is leaving man child band One Direction, sending teens worldwide into a tailspin every bit they asked (and searched): “Why is Zayn leaving One Direction?” The British star said that he is leaving to “be a normal 22-year-old...out of the spotlight,” which may live on tough given at that spot were to a greater extent than than a 1000000 searches for him on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the balance of the band volition proceed without him—in fact, search involvement inward One Direction tours spiked 5x inward the the U.S.A. the twenty-four hours of the announcement.

If freaking out close Zayn isn’t your thing, perchance freaking out close “A” is? The mysterious villain of the ABC Family demo Pretty Little Liars was revealed—sorta—on Tuesday night, leading to hundreds of thousands of searches for the show. We won’t spoil it here, fifty-fifty though it was frankly a petty difficult to immature lady amidst the outcry. Let’s simply say, the truth is out there. ;)

Finally, it’s barely outpouring but it’s already fourth dimension to laid about thinking close your summertime festival agenda. The line-ups of both San Francisco’s Outside Lands in addition to Chicago’s Lollapalooza music festivals were announced this week. The peak festival searched inward each nation breaks downward almost alone along geographic lines in addition to leaves us wondering: Are Massachusetts residents big Elton John fans?
Taking accuse of your health
In a New York Times op-ed, Angelina Jolie revealed that she had undergone surgical physical care for to withdraw her ovaries in addition to fallopian tubes to foreclose cancer. This was the minute preventative surgical physical care for for Jolie (she wrote close her double mastectomy inward 2013), who made this conclusion because she carries a mutation inward her BRCA1 gene, putting her at high take chances for thorax in addition to ovarian cancer. There were to a greater extent than than 100,000 searches for Angelina Jolie on Tuesday, in addition to people turned to the spider web to inquire related questions close women’s wellness in addition to cancer prevention.
Tip of the week
Who says National Puppy Day has to live on simply in i trial a year? When you’re demand of a furry pick-me-up, simply inquire the Google app “Ok Google, demo me pictures of puppies.” Smiles are practically guaranteed.


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