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Through The Google Lens: Search Trends March 27 - April 2

From political drama to the mobile resurrection of Pac-Man, here’s what trended on search this week.

If yous can't stand upwards the heat...
This week, the hammer came downward on the pose down of Indiana later Governor Mike Pence signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which would induce got allowed businesses to spend upwards service to individuals based on their sexual orientation. The police force chop-chop drew a firestorm of criticism from the public— Apple CEO Tim Cook in addition to the NCAA condemned it, acre Walmart spoke out against similar legislation inwards Arkansas. Amidst outcry against the law, searches for [indiana law] passed 200,000+ in addition to left pose down officials squirming. Eventually, the attending forced Pence to transcend a “fix” to the neb that would prohibit businesses from using the police force every bit a justification to deny people services based on race, disability, religion in addition to sexual orientation.

Over inwards California, an ongoing four-year drought is pushing the pose down into a near-crisis. This week, Governor Jerry Brown signed an executive lodge calling for H2O furnish agencies across the pose down to trim their purpose past times 25 percent—a offset inwards California history. News of the mandate is drawing involvement online amongst the term [california drought] spiking on the spider web later the announcement. People are every bit good looking for option methods to larn through the dry out spell—searches for drought-resistant plants spiked 3 times inwards the past times 7 days.

The joke’s on you
The Internet is usually a funny place, but on April Fools’ solar daytime it takes the gags in addition to laughs to a whole novel level. Searches for the best pranks in addition to jokes topped out at to a greater extent than than 200,000,
amongst Petco’s Canis familiaris selfie stick in addition to Cottonelle’s bathroom newspaper for the left-handed earning top honors from the media. Even our ain “PAC-Maps” got the spider web chomping—searches for the game soared to 2 million.

This calendar week was no joke for comedian Trevor Noah, who was introduced every bit the novel host of The Daily Show on Monday. The Twitterverse criticized the determination later discovering several one-time distasteful jokes the comedian had made on Twitter. Calling the tweets anti-semitic in addition to sexist, merely about are already threatening to boycott the show. But non everyone is pulling out their pitchforks merely yet: The network is standing past times their choice acre others are labeling the tweets a representative of bad jokes. Either way, searches for the comedian hitting an all-time high.

Mark your calendars
As Easter in addition to Passover get this weekend, people turned to the spider web to await for desserts, recipes in addition to activities to celebrate the holidays. Searches for Easter-related topics similar egg hunts, the Easter bunny in addition to Easter brunch trended across the USA And people wore their lightest bluish this past times Th to grade Autism Awareness Day—which made it to the top 10 on the search charts that day.

Tip of the week
Struggling amongst your Easter egg decorations? Tell Google to, “Show me movie of Easter eggs,” to detect a picayune pattern inspiration.


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