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Through The Google Lens: Search Trends April 10-16

To buss Madonna or not...that was the big query on search this week. Read on to honor out more.

Best I always had?
In the province of music festivals, make out alongside Drake–on stage, inwards front end of everyone and, apparently, without his consent. The shocking liplock swept the Internet off its feet (mainly because Drake seemed horrified past times the experience). Nonetheless, searches for Madonna hitting 500,000+ together with Drake reached his highest peak inwards queries together with thence far this year. But everything’s even together with thence proficient betwixt the two: Drake responded to the commotion on Instagram. “Don't misinterpret my shock!!” he wrote inwards a comment. “I got to brand out alongside the queen Madonna together with I experience 100 well-nigh that forever.”

We’re willing to bet that pro golfer Jordan Spieth is having the best calendar week of his life afterwards he won the Masters Tournament together with became the competition's instant youngest winner afterwards Tiger Woods at the historic menses of 21. Spieth took abode $1.8 million inwards prize coin together with to a greater extent than than a one-half 1 thou 1000 searches–sounds similar a proficient solar daytime on the greens to us.

I approve this message
Campaign flavor is dorsum inwards total forcefulness this week. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton revealed America’s worst kept secret, announcing her presidential run alongside a YouTube video. Meanwhile, the listing of contenders for the Republican nomination grows every calendar week —Senator Marco Rubio threw his cite into the chapeau band every bit well. Queries for both nominees nearly crossed a 1 thou 1000 every bit people turned to the spider web to honor to a greater extent than details well-nigh their political positions together with rail records.

Back inwards D.C., the latest distraction came inwards the shape of a gyrocopter. In a bid to stir the debate well-nigh crusade finance reform, airplane pilot Doug Hughes (illegally) landed a gyroplane on the West Lawn of the USA Capitol. The stunt is getting people talking well-nigh how much coin candidates enhance together with pass during elections together with boosting searches for gyrocopters to an all-time high.

Show me the money
Ever idea well-nigh working inwards the credit menu business? Maybe you lot should reconsider your time to come plans. This calendar week the CEO of Gravity payments, a credit menu processing company, informed his employees that he was raising the minimum salary to $70,000–seriously! CEO Dan Price told the media he made the alter every bit a means to expression income inequality. Buzz for the little-known fellowship skyrocketed since the media caught air current of the announcement, alongside searches topping to a greater extent than than 100,000.

Tip of the week
Can’t honor your yell upwards together with starting to experience desperate? If you’re reckoner is nearby you lot tin give notice immediately inquire Google to honor your Android yell upwards from your desktop. Just say, “find my phone” on Voice Search together with Google volition band the yell upwards for you. Just brand certain you’ve got the latest version of the Google app installed on your device!

Posted past times Jenise Araujo, Communications Associate, who searched this calendar week for [dradonna] together with [can i larn a raise]


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