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Think Insights Amongst Google Is Out Of Beta In Addition To Packing A Information Punch

Quick pop quiz:
  1. Based on search history, consumer bespeak for pretzels peaks inwards what calendar month of the year?
  2. How much (in $) does search add together to the world’s GDP?
  3. In 2011, what pct of people dreamed together with brainstormed almost their adjacent vacation?
  4. What pct of the daily queries on stimulate got never been seen before?
These are only a few questions that tin laissez passer on the sack endure answered* on the novel Think Insights amongst Google, our information together with resources hub for marketers. The site is fresh out of beta together with sporting a playful novel look, helpful tools, to a greater extent than studies, the latest trends together with exciting videos. We invite you lot to see the site, accept a hold off around together with run into what’s new.

If you lot alone stimulate got a few minutes to spare, travail playing amongst our novel Real Time Insights Finder tool. With only a few clicks you lot tin laissez passer on the sack topographic point emerging trends together with hit valuable consumer insights, all inwards existent time. For example, the most pop video inwards mutual amidst males 25-34 inwards Italia together with the U.S.A. is the Official Call of Duty: Modern Warfare three game trailer.

Although we’ve made a lot of enhancements to Think Insights based on initial user feedback, we’re e'er trying to iterate together with improve. So delight don’t endure shy! Join the conversation past times adding the Think amongst Google page on Google+ to 1 of your circles, or rest tuned for updates past times subscribing to our newsletter.

Think Insights is forward-thinking together with rooted inwards data. We promise you’ll operate it equally a one-stop store for consumer trends, marketing insights together with manufacture research.

*Answers to pop quiz (they tin laissez passer on the sack all endure institute on Think Insights inwards less than lx seconds):
  1. December, Real Time Insights Finder Tool
  2. $540 billion straight to global GDP, The Impact of Internet Technologies: Search Study, Jul 2011
  3. 50%, 5 Stages of Travel Interactive Infographic
  4. 16%, Search Fact & Stat


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