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The Pregnant Of Open, Redux

Nearly 3 years agone I wrote a weblog post, "The Meaning of Open," about Google’s commitment to openness as well as how it makes the entire fellowship better. After it was published I received several thoughtful responses from readers—professors as well as writers appreciative of the hold off within Google, employment organisation leaders telling me how opened upward affects their business, grad schoolhouse students surprised that this was the real contrary of the lock-in strategy they were beingness taught.

This calendar week nosotros released the "Open" final result of Think Quarterly, which includes a few of my thoughts on how the globe of opened upward has progressed inwards the brief fourth dimension since that Dec 2009 post. In short, the impact of opened upward systems has been greater than fifty-fifty my most optimistic self would accept predicted dorsum then. Open ecosystems are rewriting the rules—not alone inwards the tech manufacture but inwards education, healthcare as well as governance.

My article, "The Future is Open," is simply 1 of several practiced reads inwards the "Open" issue. I promise y'all relish it!


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