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The Play A Joke On News/Google Ground Alive This Evening On Youtube: Gop Candidates Respond Your Questions

Since nosotros announced the Fox News/Google Debate on September 1, people across the province convey submitted to a greater extent than than 18,000 questions to the Fox News YouTube channel on topics ranging from immigration reform, to health care, to foreign aid to social security. Tonight, the Republican presidential candidates volition respond those questions inwards the Fox News/Google Debate, which volition travel live-streamed on YouTube as well as broadcast on Fox News Channel starting at 9pm ET. We’ll too convey an online pre-debate demo starting at 8:30pm ET, featuring Fox News’s Shannon Bream as well as Chris Stirewalt, as well as Steve Grove, YouTube’s Head of News as well as Politics.

Even if you’re watching on TV, you lot tin see during the struggle to vote on real-time polling questions as well as submit alive commentary. Throughout the evening, we’ll part Google politics-related search tendency information as well as world information that volition furnish context to the issues discussed. Fox News moderators volition inquire specific questions that were submitted past times citizens through YouTube, as well as we’ll travel looking at overall trends that emerge from the questions inwards aggregate. To hand you lot an idea, here’s a await at the almost pop words people used inwards their submissions (the bigger the word, the to a greater extent than ofttimes it was used).

Flex your democratic musculus as well as melody inwards to this evening at 8:30pm ET for a political struggle that puts you lot inwards the driver’s topographic point of the discussion.


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