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The Orabrush Story: How A Utah Human Being Used Youtube To Gear Upwards A Multi-Million Dollar Business

From fourth dimension to time, nosotros post close how entrepreneurs possess got used Google tools to construct successful businesses—both on as well as offline. In this post, you’ll read the storey of how a Utah entrepreneur used YouTube to construct a marketplace position for his natural language cleaner product, the Orabrush. Starting this month, CVS/pharmacy volition start carrying the production inwards stores across the United States. - Ed.

When medico Bob Wagstaff invented the Orabrush natural language cleaner, he tried all the traditional draw of piece of occupation organization strategies to sell his product. He invested $40,000 into a TV infomercial, approached retail shops to behave the Orabrush inwards stores as well as offered to sell his patent to other oral hygiene companies. None of it worked. The infomercial yielded solely 100 orders, as well as people walked yesteryear the production inwards stores without a minute glance.

As a finally endeavor to teach his draw of piece of occupation organization off the ground, medico Wagstaff took the advice of Jeffrey Harmon, a local college student, as well as started marketing the natural language cleaners on YouTube. With a $500 budget, they produced as well as posted their first video introducing the Orabrush as well as offering the production for buy online.

The quirky, commercial-style video explained that ninety per centum of bad breath comes from bacteria on the tongue—hence the solution, the Orabrush natural language cleaner. Shot inwards a makeshift studio inwards the neighborhood puddle hall (listen closely as well as you lot tin hear the balls nifty inwards the background), the video went viral, rocketing to xvi 1000000 views.

Building a ready on YouTube
After the explosive reaction to their start video, Harmon took on the piece of occupation every bit Chief Marketing Officer as well as began creating regular webisodes, introducing novel characters similar Morgan, the muddied tongue. Harmon as well as so used YouTube video ads to attain to a greater extent than people as well as grow their fan base. The “Cure Bad Breath” videos built a loyal following, as well as their YouTube channel grew to nearly xl 1000000 views.

After 2 years, Orabrush had sold to a greater extent than than a 1000000 natural language cleaners to people inwards 40+ countries. The Orabrush ready became so pop that local chemist's shop store managers began contacting Orabrush directly, citing requests from customers who had heard close the ready online. This fall, Walmart began carrying the Orabrush natural language cleaners inwards its 3,500+ stores across the United States. And this week, CVS/pharmacy has added the Orabrush natural language cleaner to to a greater extent than than 7,000 stores across the country. That’s a lot of natural language cleaners!

These days Orabrush is taking a novel approach to stimulate fifty-fifty to a greater extent than sales inwards stores. One of the start businesses to utilisation YouTube TrueView video ads, Orabrush has created tailored endings to their videos that direct the viewer to the closest CVS/pharmacy carrying the Orabrush.

Elbow grease as well as a clever mascot
While Orabrush may possess got taken an unorthodox approach, their success came from old-fashioned elbow grease, perseverance as well as a fleck of ingenuity.

“YouTube has helped normal people similar medico Bob as well as a span of college kids to accept an idea, position it inwards forepart of people as well as teach an honest response,” Harmon, at nowadays main marketing officeholder at Orabrush, told us. “We tin at nowadays play on the same price every bit huge companies—and last successful.”

Hear to a greater extent than close Orabrush’s journeying to success inwards this video:


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