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The Big Tent, Together With Big Ideas, Operate Out Inwards Stateside

The Internet has transformed gild inward then many ways, as well as that’s outflow to continue. The aim of our Big Tent events is to convey together people alongside various views to scrap some of the hot-button issues that transformation raises.

This calendar week nosotros hosted our starting fourth dimension Big Tent trial stateside at the Computer History Museum inward Mountain View, Calif. The subject was Digital Citizenship, as well as over the course of instruction of the 24-hour interval nosotros discussed tike security online, the most effective ways to comprise applied scientific discipline alongside didactics as well as what governments as well as civil gild tin practise to keep a responsible as well as innovative web.

The policymakers, commentators as well as manufacture members who attended heard from a diverseness of speakers, from tike prodigy as well as literacy evangelist Adora Svitak to filmmaker as well as Webby Awards founder Tiffany Shlain. Wendy Kopp, the CEO as well as founder of Teach for America, gave a keynote nearly the require to integrate applied scientific discipline into didactics thoughtfully, non equally a panacea, merely rather within a greater context that supports critical thinking as well as other crucial curriculum goals. In a fireside chat alongside David Drummond, Jennifer Pahlka, the founder as well as executive manager of Code for America (which takes the thought of skilled service from Teach for America as well as applies it to programmers) set out her vision for a growing corps of immature coder volunteers alongside an “agile, maker-and-doer mentality” that tin aid local governments improve serve their citizens, as well as aid citizens improve participate inward their democracy. “Instead of a chorus of voices,” she said, “I’d similar to run across a chorus of hands.”

We equally good launched a novel Big Tent YouTube channel alongside a collection of content from past times Big Tents as well as data nearly upcoming events closed to the world. Visit the channel to lookout adult man speaker videos, participate inward the scrap via the comments, larn to a greater extent than data on the presenters as well as run across how dissimilar communities approach many of the same issues. Stay tuned for hereafter Big Tents, both hither as well as abroad.


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