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Take A Prepare Through The Swiss Alps Amongst Street View

For the starting fourth dimension time, yous tin ride a develop on Street View. Through a partnership amongst UNESCO together with Rhaetian Railways, nosotros captured 75.8 miles/122 km of the famous UNESCO World Heritage Albula/Bernina railway line amongst Street View cameras. Starting today, inward add-on to accessing the imagery from conduct inside Google Maps, yous tin also uncovering the collection inward our new gallery.

Like our trip to the Amazon, this Swiss mount journeying also began final year, when nosotros attached the Street View trike to the carriage of a Rhaetian Railway train. From the really front end of the train, the trike took 360-degree images along the expansive track.

You tin spotter the video of how nosotros did it here, together with for to a greater extent than Street View collections but about the world, see our updated Street View gallery.

Enjoy the ride!

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