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Supporting U.S. Pupil Veterans Amongst A Novel Scholarship

The newest add-on to the Google scholarships household unit of measurement is the Google Student Veterans of America (SVA) Scholarship. We’re partnering alongside the nonprofit Student Veterans of America (SVA) to back upwardly their mission of providing veterans alongside the resources, back upwardly as well as advocacy they ask to succeed inwards higher instruction as well as throughout their careers. The Google SVA Scholarship is available to pupil veterans who are pursuing degrees inwards estimator scientific discipline as well as related fields inwards the States for the 2012-2013 academic year. In add-on to the fiscal award, recipients volition live on invited to attend the annual all-expenses-paid scholars’ retreat at the Googleplex inwards Mountain View, Calif. inwards the summertime of 2012.

We accept a long history of helping academy students pursue estimator scientific discipline instruction alongside scholarship as well as internship opportunities. Since our first scholarships were awarded inwards 2004, we’ve provided over $8.8 1 grand one thousand dollars of fiscal back upwardly to 2,100 students from historically underrepresented groups worldwide. Our academic scholarship programs are merely 1 business office of our global endeavour to increase the diversity of the technology scientific discipline manufacture as well as invest inwards the adjacent generation of estimator scientists. This mission includes ensuring that pupil veterans inwards the States accept the back upwardly they ask to pursue technology scientific discipline instruction as well as careers.

Google’s commitment to military machine veterans extends beyond our educational outreach efforts. The Google Veterans Network, 1 of our xviii employee groups dedicated to supporting multifariousness as well as inclusion at Google, fosters a community of back upwardly for our military machine veterans, reservists, guardsmen, household unit of measurement members as well as friends. In 2011, nosotros introduced a customized chore search engine called the Chrome for Wounded, Ill as well as Injured Warriors as well as to practise Google for Veterans as well as Families, a novel online resources that brings together our costless products as well as platforms for service members as well as their families. As a Google engineer as well as a Marine veteran, I’m proud of our commitment to multifariousness as well as of our efforts to convey other veterans into the globe of technology scientific discipline as well as estimator science.

The deadline to apply for the Google SVA Scholarship is March 15, 2012.

For consummate scholarship details, view our scholarship programs page.

(Cross-posted from the Google Student blog)

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