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Supporting Information Conception Inwards Journalism Throughout Europe

Cross-posted from the Google European Public Policy Blog

The digital historic stream generates reams of raw data. Much of that information is interesting or important, precisely since there’s a lot of it out at that spot it’s ofttimes difficult to uncovering in addition to analyze. This is where journalists tin help. Journalists are experts at delving into complex issues in addition to writing stories that brand them accessible—essential skills for dealing alongside the information deluge of the digital age. In guild to back upwards in addition to encourage innovative information journalism, we’re sponsoring a serial of prizes all across Europe.

Let’s firstly inward the Nordics, where nosotros lately partnered alongside Danish paper Dagbladet Information in addition to Southern Kingdom of Denmark University’s Center for Journalism to sponsor the winners received a full of to a greater extent than than $1.7 million.

Congratulations to all the journalists in addition to publications who are embracing the digital world!


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