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Supporting Entrepreneurs Around The Basis Amongst Startup Weekend

We recognize the transformative ability of startups together with the entrepreneurs behind them that select the passion together with courage to pursue a dream; the touching on they tin sack brand on lodge tin sack live on significant. Google was 1 time a startup inwards a garage, together with Google Ventures is a will to our ongoing commitment to entrepreneurialism. As nosotros caput into Global Entrepreneurship Week, it’s clear that having a robust community of entrepreneurs, mentors together with educational resources tin sack live on a fundamental component inwards a startup’s success, together with we’re excited to live on purpose of that.

Today, we’re announcing a partnership amongst Startup Weekend—a global organisation committed to promoting existent entrepreneurship inwards local communities. In to a greater extent than than 200 cities together with across half-dozen continents, Startup Weekend holds 54-hour startup creation events, bringing together entrepreneurs from engineering, product, design, marketing together with trouble organisation backgrounds. Participants get together on Friday, together with past times Dominicus afternoon, they launch a product.

This partnership volition assistance Startup Weekend expand to dozens of additional cities around the basis together with launch novel vertical competitions focused on specific themes such equally education, wellness or gaming.

In addition, we’ll live on working to select inwards Google’s developer community inwards the cast of Google Technology User Groups equally an additional resources to Startup Weekend participants. Started inwards early on 2008, at that spot are at 1 time to a greater extent than than 280 GTUGs inwards 86 countries that select tech enthusiasts together via hundreds of events each month. GTUG members volition have discounted registration for Startup Weekend events together with volition assistance run pre-weekend local bootcamps on Google’s developer platforms together with tools (e.g., App Engine, Android, Chrome).

We’ll get-go rolling out our production preparation together with community events at Startup Weekends inwards the coming weeks together with months. To larn to a greater extent than or uncovering the adjacent effect happening inwards your city, watch Hope to come across you lot at a weekend effect soon!


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