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Street Sentiment Hits The Stunning Swiss Alps Railways

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From the Amazon to the ancient ruins of Pompeii, Street View technology scientific discipline has seat imagery of some of the world’s most interesting too pregnant sites online for everyone to enjoy. Now, for the commencement fourth dimension inward Google Maps, we’re hitting the prepare tracks to capture the majesty of the famous railway lines of the Swiss Alps too the surrounding scenery.

In cooperation alongside Rhaetian Railway, our Street View squad has collected images from i of the world’s most scenic railway routes—the Albula-Bernina trouble inward Switzerland—that volition shortly last alive on Google Maps. The picturesque road through the Swiss Alps is i of most famous inward the world, winding its agency through wild mount scenery from Thusis, Switzerland; past times the resort town of St. Moritz; to its terminal terminal merely over the edge inward Tirano, Italy.

View Albula-Bernina Line inward a larger map

H5N1 complex organization of tunnels, viaducts too galleries allow the railway trouble to overstep through the narrow valleys too climb virtually 2,000 meters inward altitude. It’s unique to run into technology scientific discipline too architecture similar this inward a natural landscape, too the road is a pop tourist finish offering amazing photography opportunities.

To capture the stunning scenery for Street View, nosotros mounted our trike—a three-wheel pedicab alongside a photographic idiot box camera organization on top—to a flatbed at the forepart of a train. As the prepare travelled along the line, cameras facing nine unlike directions captured nevertheless photos of the surrounding areas that we’re similar a shot stitching together into 360-degree panoramic views. Soon, we’ll let on the imagery on Google Maps for people some the globe to bask too sense themselves. The imagery volition render admirers of this road alongside completely novel perspectives, too likewise assistance document too save this UNESCO World Heritage site.

In the meantime, bask these photos from imagery collection day:

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