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Step Within The Map Amongst Google Mapsgl

(Cross-posted on the Lat Long Blog)

You’re at nowadays i pace closer to experiencing in addition to interacting alongside a 3D mirror of the existent populace within your browser alongside Google MapsGL. Google MapsGL takes Google Maps in addition to harnesses the mightiness of Web Graphics Library (WebGL) to job far richer visuals in addition to animations.

WebGL is a novel applied scientific discipline that brings hardware-accelerated 3D graphics to the browser without additional installed software. With WebGL your maps sense is much improve alongside 3D buildings, smoother transitions betwixt imagery in addition to the mightiness to directly “swoop” into Street View without a plugin.

Starting today, if you’re using supported browsers (such equally Chrome 14+ or Firefox Beta) alongside compatible video cards, you lot tin hand the sack opt inward to the early on beta release. Visit in addition to click “Try it now,” or view to larn more.

We’ve been using WebGL to job experiences similar our Chrome experiments “3 Dreams of Black” in addition to “All is Not Lost,” which tumble out correct inward the browser. Previously, such sophisticated 3D graphics induce got solely been possible on traditional desktop applications in addition to induce got required manual installation. WebGL ushers inward a whole novel generation of graphics on the web, in addition to alongside that, nosotros tin hand the sack laid about to redefine the expectations of an online map.

Check out Chrome Experiments WebGL for to a greater extent than WebGL-powered applications, in addition to opt inward to Google MapsGL to laid about using the adjacent generation of mapping today.


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