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Spring-Cleaning … Inwards Spring!

Over the final vi months we’ve done a lot of spring cleaning—though it’s all happened out of season. Spring has straightaway arrived in addition to we’re create to closed or combine about other circular of products. Focus is crucial if nosotros are to improve our execution. We accept in addition to hence many opportunities inwards front end of us that without hard choices nosotros opportunity doing also much in addition to non having the acquit upon nosotros strive for. Here are the details on the changes we’ll live on making:
  • We are making a issue of API changes, adopting a one-year deprecation policy for for sure APIs in addition to removing the deprecation policy for others. Additionally, nosotros are retiring about quondam APIs alongside express usage. We accept also updated the deprecation policy for all APIs to live on much clearer in addition to to a greater extent than concise. Please run across the Developers Blog for to a greater extent than information.
  • Google Flu Vaccine Finder was a maps mash-up that showed nearby vaccination places across the United States, built past times a modest xx per centum squad during the 2009 H1N1 pandemic when at that topographic point was a dire necessitate for fast in addition to accurate information on influenza vaccination locations. Google Flu Vaccine Finder is straightaway retired, precisely we’re pleased to transcend the baton to the experienced squad at HealthMap every bit they launch HealthMap Flu Vaccine Finder.
  • Google Related is an experimental browsing assistant launched to assist people uncovering interesting in addition to useful information land they browse the web. The production isn’t experiencing the form of adoption we’d like, in addition to land nosotros soundless believe inwards the value provided to our users, we’ll live on retiring the existing production over the side past times side few weeks, in addition to hence the Related squad tin focus on creating to a greater extent than magic moments across other Google products.
  • Beginning June 1, 2012, we’re ending our back upwards for Google Sync for BlackBerry. If y'all already accept the app installed, you’ll soundless live on able to utilization it; withal it volition non live on available for download afterward June 1. Google Sync for BlackBerry volition halt working on September 1, 2012. If y'all currently utilization Google Sync for BlackBerry, nosotros encourage you to switch to BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) or the Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server going forward. These alternatives offering a ameliorate overall experience, every bit y'all tin sync your e-mail messages, calendar in addition to contacts through a unmarried service.
  • We’re shutting downwards the mobile spider web app for Google Talk. For mobile users who desire to conk on using Google Talk, nosotros recommend using the native Google Talk app on Android or whatsoever XMPP-compliant apps on other mobile platforms.
  • One Pass, our payment platform for online word publishers, has been closed down. We are working alongside existing partners to brand the transition from One Pass to other platforms, including Google Consumer Surveys. While One Pass is going away, nosotros volition conk on working alongside publishers to construct novel tools.
  • We're redirecting the quondam Patent Search homepage to to brand for sure everyone is getting the best possible sense for their patent searches. Over the past times few months, we've been making updates in addition to improvements to the Patent Search functionality on—not exclusively are y'all able to search the same laid of U.S. patents alongside the same advanced search options, the novel sense loads twice every bit fast every bit the quondam Patent Search homepage, contributes to a unified search sense across Google, in addition to sports Google Doodles every bit well. The squad looks forrad to including patents from other countries soon, in addition to volition live on rolling out additional features to Patent Search on inwards the future.
  • We launched a Picasa, it has larn hard to hold parity on the Linux version. So today, we’re deprecating Picasa for Linux in addition to volition non live on maintaining it moving forward. Users who accept downloaded in addition to installed older versions of Picasa for Linux tin conk on to utilization them, though nosotros won’t live on making whatsoever farther updates.
  • Starting today, the Picasa Web Albums Uploader for Mac in addition to Picasa Web Albums Plugin for iPhoto volition no longer live on available for download. People tin conk on to utilization the uploader in addition to plugin if they are installed. However, we’ll no longer hold these tools. We strongly encourage people to download Picasa 3.9 for Mac, which includes upload in addition to iPhoto import features.
Making changes to products or services is hard, precisely nosotros produce necessitate to hold our focus if nosotros are to produce of import things that affair inwards the world. As nosotros conk on our clean-up, nosotros hold off forrad to creating a simpler, to a greater extent than beautiful user sense across Google.

Update Jun 5: Starting September 1, 2012 Google Sync for BlackBerry volition halt working. We encourage y'all to switch to BlackBerry Internet Service. Please contact BlackBerry for details on how to ready BIS.


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