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Shooting Stars As Well As Puppy Ads: How The Footing Watched The Big Game

From a “super brawl” to a giant lion, yesterday’s big game was filled amongst many notable moments. That’s truthful on YouTube together with Google too—people watched to a greater extent than game-day ads together with teaser videos on YouTube than e'er before, YouTube hosted its first-ever halftime show, together with a throwback PSA became a piece of employment yesteryear trending search term. Here’s a expect at the piece of employment yesteryear trending searches, videos together with to a greater extent than across Google together with YouTube:

Battle of the brands
As the battle for football game supremacy was taking house on the field, a real dissimilar i was raging across the country: Which promotion would reign supreme? Whether via smartphone, tablet or laptop, people spent nearly iv i G 1000 hours watching game-day ads together with teaser videos on YouTube—up from 2.2 i G 1000 hours from this fourth dimension in conclusion year.
This year’s almost pop ads came from a broad arrive at of advertisers—newcomers together with veterans alike. But i thing’s for certain—puppies, pranks, together with Kim Kardashian piece of employment on to “break the Internet.” Here are around of the ads that scored big on YouTube together with hence far:
Tom Brady together with Missy Elliott dominate on search
While people turned to YouTube to lookout the ads, people turned to Google to search for everything from “how old is Tom Brady” to “buffalo chicken dip recipes” to “Katy Perry Halftime performance.” Before kickoff, people asked Google “Why did John Travolta telephone telephone Idina ‘Adele'?”—a throwback to John Travolta’s infamous mispronunciation of National Anthem performer Idina Menzel's shout at the 2014 Oscars. Searchers were also interested inwards Menzel’s performance, bespeak “How long volition it conduct keep Idina to sing the National Anthem?”

Tom Brady, Marshawn Lynch together with Russell Wilson were the piece of employment yesteryear iii searched players before, during together with later the game. Thanks to around standout in-game performances, yesteryear the terminate they were sharing the spotlight amongst Rob Gronkowski together with Chris Matthews (replacing Richard Sherman together with Kam Chancellor). And MVP Tom Brady wasn’t merely a winner on the field—he captured the championship of “Most Searched Quarterback” inwards every province except for the Seahawks’ habitation Washington.
Of course, for many people the halftime demonstrate is the highlight of the night, together with Katy Perry’s surgical operation delivered. She came inwards on a lion, danced amongst sharks together with went out on a star—one that was, for some, reminiscent of NBC’s old “The More You Know” PSAs. The phrase "the to a greater extent than y'all know" spiked 190x inwards search for the 10 minutes later Katy’s starry flight. And although Missy Elliott was a belatedly improver to the halftime lineup, she was a pop topic inwards search. Top questions related to Missy Elliott included “When was Missy Elliott popular?” together with “How does Katy Perry know Missy Elliott?”

A real YouTube halftime demonstrate
For the outset fourth dimension ever, this twelvemonth YouTube hosted a halftime demonstrate produced yesteryear Collective Digital Studio, amongst the assistance of to a greater extent than than 25 YouTube creators including Epic Meal Time's Harley Morenstein every bit host, Rhett & Link, Toby Turner, Freddie Wong together with Tyler Ward. From Kurt Hugo Schneider’s "Epic Patty Cake Song" to the “Elephant’s Toothpaste” scientific discipline experiment amongst Science Bob, the demonstrate delivered a one-of-a-kind sense for YouTube fans.

With the in conclusion touchdown scored, we’re taking votes for your favorite ad, together with hence see our AdBlitz channel to cast your ballot earlier voting ends on Feb ix at 11:59pm ET.

Whether you’re a loyal twelfth human or a Boston fan for life, chances are y'all turned to YouTube together with Google to lookout your favorite ads, response your questions or witness a novel generation of halftime entertainment. We’re happy nosotros could survive a business office of your game.


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