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Shiver Me Timbers, The 2012 D4g Winner Is....

Shiver Me Timbers, The 2012 D4g Winner Is....
Shiver Me Timbers, The 2012 D4g Winner Is....
After 114,000 submissions in addition to millions of your votes, minute grader Dylan Hoffman of Caledonia, Wisc. is this year’s U.S.A. of America Doodle 4 Google National Winner. His doodle “Pirate Times” volition endure featured on the U.S.A. of America Google homepage tomorrow, May 18.

Hoffman, who attends the Prairie School inward Racine, Wisc., responded to this year’s subject “If I could move inward fourth dimension I’d visit...” alongside a colorful depiction of his dream view to an era filled alongside swashbucklers. There, he’d “sail a pirate ship looking for treasure, accept a colorful pet parrot in addition to relish beautiful sunsets from deserted islands.” With his win, Dylan has come upward into around treasure of his own: a $30,000 college scholarship, a Chromebook figurer in addition to a $50,000 technology scientific discipline grant for his school. As an added bonus, Dylan’s doodle volition grace the front end of a particular edition of the Crayola 64-crayon box, available this fall.

After this year's record-breaking submissions, choosing the National Winner in addition to the 4 National Finalists wasn’t an slow decision. In add-on to selecting Dylan, millions of populace votes besides helped us decide the 4 National Finalists, each of which volition have a $5,000 college scholarship:
  • Grades 4-5: Talia Mastalski, Grade 5, East Pike Elementary School, Indiana, Penn., for her doodle “Traveling to me.” Talia says, “When I intend of Google, I intend of a wormhole leading me to knowledge. If I could move inward time, I would view a like wormhole into the futurity to respect out nearly ME.”
  • Grades 6-7: Herman Wang, Grade 6, Suzanne Middle School, West Covina, Calif., for his doodle “Retro City.” Herman says, “If I could move inward time, I'd view Retro City. H5N1 futurity metropolis made of robots in addition to humans.”
  • Grades 8-9: Susan Olvera, Grade 8, SOAR Alternative School, Lafayette, In., for her doodle “Traveling Back to the Future.” Susan says, “If I could move inward time, I'd move dorsum to the future. If at that spot is life on other planets, I believe we'd view the natives every bit good every bit invent dissimilar ships in addition to rockets for quicker transportation. With what nosotros accept accomplished currently, I believe the ‘future’ isn’t in addition to hence far away.”
  • Grades 10-12: Cynthia Cheng, Grade 11, Edison High School, Edison, NJ, for her doodle “A World of Adventure.” Cynthia says, “If I could move inward time, I'd view the historic catamenia of the Vikings. Though their tales of monsters may non accept been alone true, they were around of the greatest explorers inward history. It would endure a remarkable sense to part adventures in addition to uncovering novel lands alongside them.”
After the awards ceremony inward New York City today, all l of our State Winners volition unveil an exhibition of their artwork at the New York Public Library, where their doodles volition endure displayed from May 18-July 19. In addition, the artwork of all our State Finalists in addition to Winners volition endure displayed at exhibitions inward their domicile states across the dry reason over the summer. Be certain to cheque out the local exhibition nigh you.

Thanks to all of you lot who voted in addition to helped us pick out this year's winner. Even to a greater extent than important, give cheers you lot to all of the students who submitted entries. Keep on doodling in addition to we’ll encounter you lot side past times side year!