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Shipping The Google Inwards Google+

A few weeks agone Larry mentioned that we’d get-go transportation the Ice Cream Sandwich, amongst a focus on improved sharing via Google+. And today we're rolling out 2 to a greater extent than Google+ features that integrate amongst 2 to a greater extent than Google products: YouTube too Chrome.

It's no hole-and-corner that YouTube is filled amongst tons of cracking content (from inspiring speeches to music videos to love badgers). We wanted to choose YouTube straight into Google+—as good every bit larn far easier to lookout adult man too portion your favorites—so we're launching a YouTube "slider" inwards the stream. Here’s how it works:
  • Mouse over the novel YouTube icon at the summit correct of Google+
  • It'll slide out too ask, "What would y'all similar to play"?
  • Enter whatever you're inwards the mood for (like a topic or a musical artist)
We'll get-go playing a listing of related videos inwards a novel pop-up window, too if y'all deed the pop-up elsewhere, y'all tin hand the axe all the same navigate your playlist from the slider:

From left to right: YouTube slider (closed), slider (open), pop-up playlist, slider (while playing)

Sharing YouTube videos amongst your circles also industrial plant (of course), simply there's a overnice footling twist: the people y'all portion amongst tin hand the axe opened upward a related playlist straight from your post! Last simply non least, we’re starting to include YouTube playlists inwards Google+ search results.

YouTube video inwards the current (left), YouTube playlist inwards Google+ search results (right)

We're also rolling out 2 novel Google+ Chrome extensions:
  • +1 button: +1 whatever webpage too portion it amongst your circles
  • Notifications: depository fiscal establishment agree your Google+ notifications spell y'all browse the web
Of course, if y'all don't purpose Chrome, too thus y'all tin hand the axe purpose Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer. The novel version—also rolling out today—includes these same sharing too notification features.

Google+ Chrome extensions: +1 push clit (left), notifications (right)

We've got lots to a greater extent than planned for Google+, YouTube too Chrome (and all the other Google products y'all already use). But nosotros promise y'all savour today's modest gustation of transportation the Google inwards Google+.


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