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Saying Thanks—In Person—To Our Google Summit Contributors

“Oh, you’re BlueQuoll!”

You heard a lot of enthusiastic cries of recognition at the Global Top Contributor Summit, every bit Googlers as well as members of our Top Contributor plan got to exit their laptops behind as well as come across i some other confront to face. This two-day number held inwards as well as to a greater extent than or less our headquarters inwards Mountain View brought together some of our most prolific as well as knowledgeable users from the Google production forums for the showtime time.

Top Contributors are the folks y'all may know yesteryear “bkc56” inwards the Gmail forum, “Noisette” inwards the Google globe forum as well as “theylmdl” inwards the German Webmaster forum—Google users who volunteer their fourth dimension to assistance others amongst questions as well as troubleshooting issues. We began the plan inwards 2005 to back upwards this of import group, as well as today at that spot are to a greater extent than than 350 Top Contributors who are active inwards our forums. They likewise give Google teams of import feedback to assistance cast the evolution of our products. In short, they’re some of Google’s most passionate users, as well as nosotros wanted to accept the fourth dimension to portion our appreciation.

TCs from the AdSense, Gmail as well as Webmaster forums hang out amongst Googlers (in red)

At the summit, to a greater extent than than 250 Top Contributors joined us from to a greater extent than or less the world, representing 40+ production forums inwards 20+ languages. To reckon simply how global this amazing bunch is, cheque out the map nosotros laid to showcase their hometowns:

At the event, our Top Contributors met amongst Google engineers who demo’ed upcoming features, giving them the unique chance to give feedback as well as enquire questions. This was likewise an chance for our Top Contributors to come across each other, as well as brand a novel friend or two.

Bottom right: TC treebles, every bit he’s known inwards the Maps as well as Places for employment organisation forums, talks amongst the custom maps team

We promise this summit gave our Top Contributors to a greater extent than insight into how Google industrial plant as well as expressed simply how much nosotros appreciate their assistance as well as dedication. In fact, they’re such a dedicated bunch that some of the Top Contributors were fifty-fifty spotted during the summit answering forum questions. To reckon them inwards action, caput on over to the Google production forums.

Find out nearly how y'all tin larn a Top Contributor inwards our Help Forum guide.


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