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Rethinking Share Space

Not the sexiest championship for a weblog post, I know. But equally we’ve inhabited a multifariousness of workplaces—including a garage inward Menlo Park, a farmhouse inward Kingdom of Denmark too an entire New York metropolis block—we’ve learned something close what makes an locomote infinite great. And we’re excited to seat that into practice, starting hither at our domicile inward Mountain View.

Today we’re submitting a invention to redevelop 4 sites—places where nosotros already select offices but promise to significantly growth our foursquare footage—to the Mountain View City Council. It's the showtime fourth dimension we'll blueprint too build offices from scratch too nosotros promise these plans yesteryear Bjarke Ingels at BIG too Thomas Heatherwick at Heatherwick Studio volition Pb to a improve agency of working.
A rendering of our proposed novel campus. See to a greater extent than images on Google+

The thought is simple. Instead of constructing immoveable concrete buildings, we’ll create lightweight block-like structures which tin give the sack live on moved unopen to easily equally nosotros invest inward novel production areas. (Our self-driving auto team, for example, has real unlike needs when it comes to locomote infinite from our Search engineers.) Large translucent canopies volition comprehend each site, controlling the climate within silent letting inward low-cal too air. With trees, landscaping, cafes, too cycle paths weaving through these structures, nosotros aim to blur the distinction betwixt our buildings too nature.

Of course, this projection is close much to a greater extent than than only locomote space; it’s close doing to a greater extent than amongst the local community equally well. So we’re adding lots of cycle paths too retail opportunities, similar restaurants, for local businesses. We too promise to select novel life to the unique local environment, from enhancing burrowing owl habitats to widening creek beds. And we’re committed to do everything nosotros tin give the sack to salvage energy—our recent understanding to offset our liberate energy consumption inward North Bayshore amongst renewable energy includes the evolution of this proposal.

We chose Mountain View for our headquarters fifteen years agone because nosotros honey the beauty of the bay, the unopen proximity to non bad universities, the family-friendly surroundings too the run a endangerment to piece of employment inward a metropolis at the pump of Silicon Valley. Today, nosotros desire to create locomote spaces that don’t only furnish a non bad domicile for Google, but which too piece of employment for the metropolis that has given us too thus much.

We await frontward to working amongst our neighbors at the City Council on this proposal—and the time to come of Mountain View’s North Bayshore.


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