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Renewing Onetime Resolutions For The Novel Year

As nosotros caput into 2012, we’ve been sticking to approximately sometime resolutions—the take away to focus on edifice amazing products that millions of people dear to role every day. That agency taking a difficult await at products that replicate other features, haven’t achieved the hope nosotros had hoped for or can’t survive properly integrated into the overall Google experience.

Here’s an update on approximately products that volition survive merged, open-sourced, or phased out inwards the coming months:
  • Google Message Continuity (GMC): In Dec 2010 nosotros launched an electronic mail disaster recovery production for firm customers that role Google's cloud to dorsum upwards emails originally sent or received inwards an on-premise, Microsoft Exchange system. In the fourth dimension since nosotros launched, we've seen hundreds of businesses sign upwards for it. By comparison, inwards that same time, we've seen millions of businesses motion exclusively to the cloud amongst Google Apps, benefitting from disaster recovery capabilities built straight into Apps. Going frontward we've decided to focus our efforts on Google Apps as well as destination back upwards for GMC. Current GMC customers volition survive able to role GMC for the duration of their contract as well as are encouraged to consider using Google Apps equally their brain messaging as well as collaboration platform.
  • Google Sky Map: This app was created past times one-half a dozen Googlers at the Pittsburgh office inwards their twenty per centum fourth dimension to demonstrate off the amazing capabilities of the sensors inwards the first-generation Android phones as well as offering a window into the sky. Since nosotros launched the tool inwards 2009, nosotros take away maintain managed to portion our passion amongst to a greater extent than than twenty i 1000 m Android users. We volition survive open-sourcing Sky Map as well as are collaborating amongst Carnegie Mellon University inwards a partnership that volition come across farther evolution of Sky Map equally a serial of pupil projects.
  • Needlebase: We are retiring this information management platform, which nosotros acquired from ITA Software, on June 1, 2012. The technology scientific discipline is existence evaluated for integration into Google's other data-related initiatives.
  • Picnik: We acquired this online photograph editor inwards 2010. We’re retiring the service on Apr 19, 2012 as well as thus the Picnik squad tin decease along creating photo-editing magic across Google products. You tin download a cypher file of your creations through Picnik Takeout or re-create them to Google+. As of now, the premium service is gratis to everyone. Premium members volition have a total refund inwards the coming weeks.
  • Social Graph API: This API makes information almost the populace connections betwixt people on the spider web available for developers. The API isn’t experiencing the form of adoption we’d like, as well as is existence deprecated equally of today. It volition survive fully retired on Apr 20, 2012.
  • Urchin: In 2005 nosotros acquired Urchin, whose online spider web analytics production became the foundation for Google Analytics, helping businesses of all sizes stair out their websites as well as online marketing. We’re fully committed to edifice an industry-leading online analytics product, as well as thus we’re saying goodbye to the client-hosted version, known equally Urchin Software. New Urchin Software licenses volition no longer survive available afterwards March 2012.
Resolutions tin survive hard, as well as changing products that people dear is difficult too. But we’re excited to focus on creating a beautifully simple, intuitive user sense across Google—an sense that volition alter the lives of millions of people.


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