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Remembering My Dad, Jim Henson

We’re thrilled to part this invitee post service past times Brian Henson close his father—puppeteer, manager in addition to producer Jim Henson, best known every bit the creator of the Muppets. For the adjacent 36 hours, we’re honoring Jim’s birthday on our homepage amongst a special doodle created inwards tandem amongst The Jim Henson Company. -Ed.

When nosotros were kids, my blood brother in addition to sisters in addition to I were ever allowed to remain upwards belatedly to lookout our father’s appearances on The Tonight Show or The Ed Sullivan Show. No affair how belatedly it was or how immature nosotros were, my woman nurture would wake us upwards in addition to trundle us downwards to the living room television. We’d locomote giddy—like Christmas. When he came home, he’d caput downwards to the garage where he had a workshop, in addition to repair everything that nosotros broke piece he was away—or construct a dollhouse for i of my sisters. Jim never stopped making things.

He besides loved games—card games, board games, all kinds of games. He was i of those rare parents who was ever create to play again. He loved dogs, specially goofy ones. And he lived for those moments when everyone laughed then difficult they couldn’t talk. I oftentimes walked onto the Muppet prepare to notice everyone only laughing hysterically.

Although he loved family, his locomote was almost never close “traditional” families. The Muppets were a family—a real various one. One of his life philosophies was that nosotros should dearest people non for their similarities, but for their differences.

Jim oftentimes had a piffling lesson close the of import things inwards life: How to locomote a proficient person. How to believe inwards yourself in addition to follow your dreams. And higher upwards all, how to forgive. If anything was stolen from i of us—like when the machine was broken into—he would ever say, “Oh well, they in all likelihood needed that materials to a greater extent than than nosotros did.”

He loved gadgets in addition to technology. Following his lead, The Jim Henson Company continues to railroad train cutting-edge applied scientific discipline for animatronics in addition to digital animation, similar this cool Google doodle celebrating Jim’s 75th birthday. But I mean value fifty-fifty he would convey constitute it hilarious the manner today some people experience that when they’ve got their smartphone, they no longer demand their brain.

Jim was clearly a non bad visionary. But he besides wanted everyone to a greater extent than or less him fully committed creatively. If you lot asked him how a moving-picture demonstrate would plow out, he’d say, “It’ll locomote what this grouping tin make, in addition to if you lot changed whatsoever i of them, it would locomote a dissimilar movie.” Every twenty-four threescore minutes menstruum for him was joyously filled amongst the surprises of other people’s ideas. I oftentimes mean value that if nosotros all lived similar that, non alone would life locomote to a greater extent than interesting, we’d all locomote a lot happier.


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