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Public Alerts On Google Search Together With Maps For Android For Superstorm Sandy Preparedness Information

Earlier today nosotros posted nearly efforts to supply information to those affected yesteryear the erstwhile hurricane as well as similar a shot superstorm Sandy.

We too desire to allow you lot know that Public Alerts are similar a shot available on Google Search & Maps inwards your browser, on Google Maps for Android as well as too on Google Now for Android devices running Jellybean.

Public Alerts supply warnings for natural disasters as well as emergency situations. They seem based on targeted Google searches, such equally [Superstorm Sandy], or amongst location-based search queries similar [New York]. In improver to the alert, you’ll too meet relevant answer information, such equally evacuation routes, crisis maps or shelter locations.

We were planning on announcing the novel features inwards a few days, simply wanted to acquire them out equally shortly equally possible as well as thence they tin last helpful to people during this time.

This is business office of our continuing mission to convey emergency information to people when as well as where it is relevant. Public Alerts are primarily available inwards English linguistic communication for the U.S., simply nosotros are working amongst information providers across the footing to expand their reach.

If you lot are searching for superstorm Sandy, you’ll meet content at the occur of the Search page specific to this crisis. For other searches, you’ll meet world alerts where as well as when they are live.

Public Alerts on desktop search

Public Alerts on mobile

Desktop search showing content for Sandy-related query

We’re able to assemble relevant emergency security information thank you lot to a potent network of partners, including NOAA as well as USGS. Their commitment to opened upward standards similar the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) is what makes this all possible. We’ve too developed partnerships to convey you lot fifty-fifty to a greater extent than relevant alerts inwards the future, including local emergency information from Nixle.

To larn to a greater extent than nearly Public Alerts, watch our Public Alerts homepage. If you’re a information provider, as well as would similar to contribute to our efforts, delight meet our FAQ.

We promise that this information makes it easier for you lot to rest safe.


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