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Opening The Doors To The World-Famous Abbey Route Studios

On a leafy street inwards N London, adjacent to a popular zebra crossing, is 1 of the world’s most celebrated music landmarks: Abbey Road Studios.

Most people likely associate Abbey Road amongst the Beatles album of the same name. In fact, the studios convey played a usage inwards music history: if you lot tin hum the subject to "Star Wars," "Harry Potter" or "Indiana Jones," or you’ve sung along to tracks past times Pink Floyd or Oasis, or fifty-fifty if you lot ain a brace of stereo headphones, too then you’ve been impacted past times the endure of Abbey Road. Since opening inwards 1931, the studios convey pushed the boundaries of music too sound, reinventing the recording procedure at every step. But until now, the famous crossing was every bit unopen every bit most of us could instruct to the studios.

Now, for the commencement time, the doors at Abbey Road are opened upward to everyone. In partnership amongst Abbey Road Studios, we’ve created Inside Abbey Road, an experience that lets fans only about the footing pace within the studios too explore this renowned institution.

Accessible via desktop, tablet too phone, you lot tin explore every nook too cranny of Abbey Road amongst to a greater extent than than 150 dissimilar 360-degree panoramic images. As you lot walk through the studios, you’ll come across YouTube videos too archival images from Abbey Road’s history—right where they originally happened. You tin too play amongst pioneering equipment inwards particularly designed interactive gadgets, such every bit the J37 4-track recorder that was used to tape the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Throughout the studios you’ll notice to a greater extent than than thirty stories, amount of anecdotes too facts well-nigh the studios, similar the flush of Abbey Road engineer Alan Blumlein. Alan was annoyed later on a trip to the movies, because the good inwards early on cinemas entirely came from 1 side of the screen. He went on to invent the concept of stereo audio—and good too hide convey matched always since. Or, if you lot experience similar beingness guided only about the studios, there's an good tour you lot tin bring together inwards every studio. Narrated past times producer Giles Martin, engineer too Head of Audio Products Mirek Stiles, too broadcaster Lauren Laverne, the good tours permit you lot come across the studios through their eyes. Think of it every bit your ain personal tour.

Inside Abbey Road is usage of our broader examine to aid people experience worldwide civilization too places from wherever they are, whether it’s visiting the Pyramids of Giza inwards Google Maps or getting upward unopen to the brush strokes of Van Gogh inwards the Google Art Project. Now, we’re taking you lot behind the doors of 1 of the most famous music studios inwards the world. Take a pace Inside Abbey Road too come across for yourself.


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