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One Desk Chair—Hold The Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde. Lead. Pesticides. Mercury. If edifice materials had nutrition labels, would y'all purchase a production containing these toxic ingredients? There are to a greater extent than than 80,000 chemicals inwards the world, in addition to nosotros don’t fully know how they touching on our health. And a surprising release of hazardous chemicals nonetheless brand their way into everyday products nosotros use, including furniture, paints, carpets in addition to flooring. Whether it’s inwards the dwelling identify or office, nosotros shouldn’t convey to worry that the chair we’re sitting inwards or the air nosotros breathe contains harmful chemicals (PDF).

On my commencement hateful solar daytime on the undertaking at Google over vi years ago, a co-worker asked me to sniff a carpeting sample. I didn’t scent anything in addition to was told, “That’s good!” We desire to build a greener future in addition to create the healthiest piece of employment environments imaginable for Googlers, which agency nosotros alone run paints, sealants, adhesives, carpets, slice of furniture in addition to edifice materials amongst the lowest levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) possible.

A straw-hut way huddle room made amongst sustainably forested wood from Pescadero Willow Farm, outpouring past times a saline-based, toxin-free solution

Unfortunately, the lack of clear in addition to widely-available production element data makes progress inwards this expanse challenging, then we’re asking the marketplace to supply toxin-free products in addition to brand its contents an opened upwards book. We position all our products through a rigorous screening procedure to brand certain they run across our salubrious materials standards, in addition to asking total transparency from our vendors past times asking them to portion comprehensive production element information.

This drive is likewise gaining momentum exterior of Google. Recently, 30 leading edifice production manufacturers signed on to airplane pilot the Health Product Declaration (HPD) Open Standard, the industry’s commencement mutual reporting touchstone for transparency unopen to wellness impacts of edifice materials. Google is a founding endorser of the HPD, in addition to nosotros applaud these manufacturers for taking this of import step. Continued leadership similar this is needed for the production transparency revolution to gain existent traction—not only for edifice materials but all types of products nosotros swallow or use.

So whether you’re at the eating seat or hardware store, inquire tough questions then y'all tin brand better-informed choices near products to aid hap yourself in addition to your families healthy. Your collective vocalism in addition to purchasing ability tin brand a huge difference.

As for Google, past times setting high standards, asking hard questions in addition to encouraging transparency from our partners, nosotros promise to exhibit how other organizations tin create their ain salubrious in addition to sustainable piece of employment environments.


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