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New Data, To A Greater Extent Than Facts: An Update To The Transparency Written Report

We origin launched the revelations almost authorities surveillance, calls for companies to brand encryption keys available to police, too a broad arrive at of proposals, both inward too out of the U.S., to expand surveillance powers throughout the world, the issues today are to a greater extent than complicated than ever. Some issues, similar ECPA reform, are less complex, too we’re encouraged yesteryear the broad back upwardly inward Congress for legislation that would codify a criterion requiring warrants for communications content.

Google’s seat remains consistent: We honor the of import role of the authorities inward investigating too combating safety threats, too nosotros comply alongside valid legal process. At the same time, we’ll struggle on behalf of our users against unlawful requests for information or majority surveillance. We likewise run to brand certain surveillance laws are transparent, principled, too reasonable.

Today’s Transparency Report update
With this inward mind, we’re adding some novel details to our Transparency Report that we’re releasing today.

  • Emergency disclosure requests. We’ve expanded our reporting on requests for information nosotros have inward emergency situations. These emergency disclosure requests come upwardly from authorities agencies seeking information to relieve the life of a individual who is inward risk (like a kidnapping victim), or to forbid serious physical injury (like a threatened schoolhouse shooting). We convey a procedure for evaluating too fast-tracking these requests, too inward truthful emergencies nosotros tin dismiss furnish the necessary information without delay. The Transparency Report previously included this number for the United States, only we’re instantly reporting for every dry ground that submits this kind of request.
  • Preservation requests. We’re likewise instantly reporting on authorities requests asking us to fix aside information relating to a especial user’s account. These requests tin dismiss hold out made too therefore that information needed inward an investigation is non lost spell the authorities goes through the steps to larn the formal legal procedure asking us to divulge the information. We telephone phone these "preservation requests" too because they don't ever Pb to formal information requests, nosotros perish along them split upwardly from the dry ground totals nosotros report. Beginning alongside this reporting period, we’re reporting this number for every country.

In add-on to this novel data, the study shows that we’ve received 30,138 requests from to a greater extent than or less the footing seeking information almost to a greater extent than than 50,585 users/accounts; nosotros provided information inward reply to 63 portion of those requests. We saw slight increases inward the number of requests from governments inward Europe (2 percent) too Asia/Pacific (7 percent), too a 22 portion increment inward requests from governments inward Latin America.

The struggle for increased transparency
Sometimes, laws too gag-orders prohibit us from notifying someone that a asking for their information has been made. There are some situations where these restrictions brand sense, too others non too therefore much. We volition fight—sometimes through lengthy courtroom action—for our users’ correct to know when information requests convey been made. We’ve lately succeeded inward a brace of of import cases.

First, afterwards years of persistent litigation inward which nosotros fought for the correct to inform Wikileaks of authorities requests for their data, nosotros were successful inward unsealing courtroom documents relating to these requests. We’re instantly making those documents available to the populace here too here.

Second, we've fought to hold out to a greater extent than transparent regarding the U.S. government's utilization of U.S. Public Policy blog.


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