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New Crisis Reply Maps Characteristic Preparedness Data For Hurricane Sandy

Already responsible for a reported 41 deaths across the Caribbean, late-season Hurricane Sandy is expected to brand landfall 1 time again early on this calendar week on the East Coast of the United States.

Some are calling the hurricane “Frankenstorm” due to its potential mix of both wintertime too tropical cyclone weather. Regardless of what you lot telephone telephone it, nosotros promise that you lot instruct the information you lot request to brand preparations too remain rubber if you lot are inward the area. It has the potential to survive 1 of the worst storms the expanse has seen inward decades.

The Google Crisis Response squad has assembled a Hurricane Sandy map to aid you lot rail the storm’s progress too render updated emergency information.


On the map, you’ll notice the next emergency preparedness information:
We’ve too launched a map specific to New York City, featuring evacuation zone information from NYC Open Data, opened upward shelters, conditions information too alive webcams.

You tin easily part too embed these maps on your website — simply hitting the “Share” push at the piece of job past times of the map to instruct the HTML code. We’ll snuff it on to update these maps equally to a greater extent than information becomes available.

Posted past times Ka-Ping Yee, Software Engineer, Google Crisis Response

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