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Navigating A Proposal Amongst Google Maps For Mobile

I of late decided to suggest to my girlfriend, Faigy. I knew I wanted to exercise something meaningful and —yes—a trivial over the top, thus I decided to position my software technology scientific discipline skills to travel to exercise the ultimate romantic scavenger hunt. On the route to “The Big Question,” I wanted Faigy to view places only about New York City that were filled amongst memories of our relationship. My conception was to build a map of the route together with instruct my girl from i goal to the next, all amongst the chemical cistron of surprise. Google Maps gave me the tools I needed to brand the magic happen.

View Faigy & Ari's Engagement Route inwards a larger map

I used My Maps to conception out the route—from the Trader Joe’s nosotros store at on the Upper West Side, to Magnolia Bakery where nosotros spent business office of our outset date, to Hudson Bar & Lounge where nosotros enjoyed a black of dancing, to Carnegie Hall where Faigy in i lawsuit surprised me amongst tickets to a Beethoven concert, all the means to the lighthouse on Roosevelt Island where nosotros went on our minute date.

I secretly coordinated amongst Faigy’s director at travel to give her a Nexus One preloaded amongst Google Maps for mobile, a photographic tv set camera together with instructions to instruct to the outset location. I had a friend stationed at each of the 6 locations earlier the lastly halt to give Faigy a rose, cause got a pic of her amongst the roses together with brand certain she checked in amongst Google Maps. Meanwhile, I anxiously awaited her arrival at the Roosevelt Island lighthouse.

Her telephone had a custom mobile app I’d built (with the tending of my beau Google engineers Andrew Oplinger together with Matt Keoshkerian). The app would allow Faigy depository fiscal establishment tally inwards to each location, thus prompt her for a password to uncovering out the side yesteryear side location. I provided each friend amongst a inquiry to inquire Faigy, tied to our memories of that detail place, the answer to which was the password. When Faigy entered the password, the app would automatically initiate walking navigation to the side yesteryear side location.

When she got to the checkered pivot that marked her lastly destination, her 7th together with lastly rose also came amongst a question—but this i was from me, together with it wasn’t whatever ordinary question. I’ll exit it to yous to estimate what her answer was!

Posted yesteryear Ari Gilder, Software Engineer

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