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National Cyber Safety Awareness Calendar Month 2011: Our Shared Responsibility

(Cross-posted on the Public Policy Blog)

On the Internet, every bit with the offline world, the choices nosotros brand oft lead hold an impact on others. The links nosotros part as well as the sites nosotros catch tin send on our safety as well as sometimes innovate adventure for people nosotros know. Given how rapidly our collective piece of job of technology scientific discipline is evolving, it’s useful to periodically remind ourselves of practices that tin assistance us accomplish a to a greater extent than secure as well as enjoyable online experience.

This month, Google in 1 lawsuit once to a greater extent than joins the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), authorities agencies, corporations, schools as well as non-profit organizations inwards recognizing National Cyber Security Awareness Month. It’s a fourth dimension for us to offering pedagogy that increases online safety for everyone.

It’s plumbing fixtures that the subject of this year’s Cyber Security Awareness Month is “Our Shared Responsibility.” With ever-increasing ways to access the spider web as well as part information, nosotros postulate to focus on keeping our activities secure. In that spirit, as well as to assistance boot off Cyber Security Awareness Month, we’re introducing a novel Google Security Center. The Security Center is amount of practical tips as well as data to assistance people remain condom online, from choosing a secure password to using 2-step verification as well as avoiding phishing sites as well as malware.

We also drib dead along to prepare products as well as services that assistance people protect their data online. Examples that lead hold stood out then far this twelvemonth include the 2-step verification inwards xl languages, as well as Chrome browser warnings for malicious downloads as well as out-of-date plugins, alongside others. We prepare costless products as well as tools such every bit DOM Snitch, a Chrome extension that helps developers lay insecure code.

We recognize the importance of safety pedagogy as well as are committed to helping brand your online sense both exciting as well as condom to use. We all lead hold a responsibleness to lead hold steps to protect ourselves as well as together prepare a civilization of security. We encourage everyone to Stop. Think. Connect.


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